• The current Australian Constitution prevents Australia from legally becoming a Republic.

    The current Constitution states that it is 'indissoluble' and this means that Australia can't legally become a Republic.

    More importantly! Section 59 of the current Constitution allows the Monarch to annul any laws which are not considered appropriate; and this means that: -
    (1) not only could the Monarch annul the change to a Australian Republic;
    (2) but that the Monarch would have a mandatory obligation to so to correct an illegal act;
    in legal support of the legal obligations conferred by the conditions of the Constitution itself.

  • It has to stop

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  • Criminal action by Australian Politicians:

    In 1919, a referendum refused to allow the Australian Parliament to create Government Corporations. Yet, the Australian Parliament went ahead and illegally registered the 'Commonwealth of Australia' with the US Securities and Exchange Commission without the approval or knowledge of the Australian people (registration number 0000805157).

    Accordingly, it's just as well that an Australian Republic is illegal. What a corrupt and dysfunctional dictatorship Australia would become if it ever became a Republic.

  • Recipients of Knighthoods:

    Australian Governors-General, Australian Prime Ministers and members of the bench of the High Court of Australia are all required to swear an oath/affirmation of allegiance to the Queen; and amongst those appointed to these high level positions several: -
    (1) have been the recipient of British Empire Knighthoods;
    (2) yet continue to support the illegal push to make Australia a Republic;
    and the most significant of these is the current Australian Governor-General; and, in her case, the public support for the proposal is also a breach of her oath/affirmation of allegiance.

    Nevertheless, and regardless of whether they are currently bound by an oath/affirmation of allegiance as a result of active appointment, all recipients of Knighthoods who publicly support the illegal push to make Australia a Republic should have their individual Knighthoods withdrawn.

  • Yes, currently it is a constitutional monarchy.

    Yes, the Australian Republic is illegal, because under Australian law as it currently is, Australia is not a republic. If Australia wanted to be a republic, they would have to have a constitutional referendum. If they did, it would probably be legal. But they would have to go through the proper steps, because with the constitution as it currently is, it's illegal.

  • Illegal alteration to the Preamble to the Constitution:

    Well, it appears that my action against the illegal push to make Australia a Republic has had some effect. In this regard, I understand that it is now proposed to illegally delete the word 'indissoluble' from the Constitution; and owing to the very nature of the word 'indissoluble', such an action would not even be legal if it was approved by referendum.

    However, it is my understanding that they propose to do this without referendum anyway; and this then becomes an act of treason.

    Of course, they would argue that the 'Preamble' is not an enforceable portion of the Constitution; however, I disagree with this and assert that this is simply an interpretation deliberately chosen to meet their desperate needs. After all, my copy of the Australian Constitution clearly identifies the Preamble as being a part of the Constitution.

  • British Parliament approval required:

    The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900, was enacted in British Parliament to provide for the establishment of the Australian Constitution. It is a 'blueprint' for the Australian Constitution and contains a full copy thereof.

    Accordingly, any action to change Australia into a Republic would require that British Parliament repeal the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. So then! Whilst it appears that selected Australians are prepared to ignore the legally binding statement: -

    "unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"

    I wonder how they expect to coerce British Parliament into taking similar illegal action.

  • The Preamble within the Australian Constitution:

    The statement: -

    "unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"

    within the Preamble to the Australian Constitution was the reason for, and the basis of, the Constitution; and it's impossible for me to understand how others can't comprehend the legally enforceable implications of this somewhat simple english statement.

    More importantly! Because it was the reason for, and the basis of, the Constitution, and because of the deliberate inclusion of the word 'indissoluble', the statement can't be altered or deleted; and this of course, specifically includes the removal of the word 'indissoluble' by any means whatsoever which also includes the removal of the Preamble itself.

  • Political ineptitude & ignorance:

    The ongoing:-
    (1) breach of the provisions of the current Australian Constitution;
    (2) breach of the Political oath/affirmation of allegiance to the Monarchy;
    (3) substitution of the PRESCRIBED Political oath/affirmation of allegiance to the Monarchy; and
    (4) illegal push to make Australia a Republic;
    makes it very clear that Australian Politicians either aren't aware of the provisions of the current Australian Constitution or consider themselves above the legal and enforceable requirements expressed therein; and, in either instance, I confidently assert that those involved are not suited to Political appointment in any of the three tiers of Australian Government.

    Actually, it makes me laugh to know that our Politicians make it mandatory for immigrants to pass a knowledge test in order to become an Australian citizen. It makes me laugh because Australian Politics is probably the only job in the world where the employee can get a job paying two hundred odd thousand dollars per year without:-
    (a) any related qualifications;
    (b) any related experience; or
    (c) any specific aptitude;
    all of which suggests that Australian Politicians should also have to pass an appropriate test to qualify for nomination for election to Parliament.

  • Treason and/or incompetence:

    The illegal push to make Australia a Republic makes it clear that Australian Politicians either: -
    (1) are unaware of the provisions of the Australian Constitution; or
    (2) are prepared to knowingly breach numerous conditions therein;
    because (3) former Australian Prime Ministers have been charged with treason, viz: http://dnews.Co.Nz/node/26
    and it's obvious to me that few Australian Politicians have any respect for the Constitution at all.

  • The Australian Constitution is changeable by the people not the Monarch

    The Australian Constitution cannot be made illegal by a Monarch and such argument is absurd.

    Any constitution is changeable by the people of the land, and has been on several occasions.

    The Monarch is only a titular head of the country and has no power to change any law as set by the people of Australia. Particularly a referendum.

    Section 59 which has never been used cannot abrogate a referendum vote, it can't even be used to repeal government legislation.

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