Is an educated public necessary for a viable democracy?

  • Thomas Jefferson stated...

    "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people."
    For democracy to continue, education of the democratic process must be taught. This is in addition to teaching the necessary lessons for all members of a society to positively contribute. The tenants of our democratic republic rely on education of the populous.


  • It doesn't hurt.

    To have a democracy means letting the people vote and have a say in what goes on in their country, however the people can not make informed decisions and ones that make sense if they are not educated enough to understand what is going on or what they are voting on.

  • Without doubt yes

    I really don't know how the answer to this could be anything but yes. Without an educated public leaders will use public stupidity and gullibility to the maximum. Of course it is a yes and if we ever get a country that ever achieves the amiable goal of an educated public we will see a very viable democracy.

  • The only power is knowledge...

    If the people aren't educated, then they can't fight back. They are easily took over and brainwashed. Even if the Schools try to brain wash you, you still learn enough to not end up brainwashed... This can be seen all around by students. With a proper education, they Students learn to question and educate themselves in time.

  • People are morons

    The less people care about politics the better, only a small percentage of the intellectual elites should take part in politics. Experts should be consulted to take care of their domain (Infrastructure, Pollution, Education, etc.). The public doesn't need to worry about that. In a true democracy every individual would have the right to vote on EVERY single issue in the country. Like I said people are morons, they don't know what is best for the country, they barely know what is best for them. So to have them take part in politics is really not necessary. In fact, it's actually a good thing to have an uneducated public, because the public doesn't actually care. As long as they got money and entertainment, they don't care about politics. That's why we don't live in a true democracy, we elect someone to represent the people (morons collectively, not individually) and they decide things based on our input, but they don't need to listen to the people if experts say it's a bad idea.

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