Is an education (yes) or a social life (no) more important?

Asked by: NGEpical
  • Education is more important

    With an education, you make money. Being able to cope with being lonely (no social life) can be resolved when you step back and look at how much more intelligent you are than others, and how much more money this intelligence has brought you than others.

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  • Without education you would end up with a pitiful life.

    Imagine you are looking at this screen right now wondering "is education more important than a social life?" You have come to a crossroads. But little do you know that one will lead you to both... If you choose a social life then you will get bad grades, end up working in a gas station in a little town in Minnesota, start smoking pot, get caught, become a prison convict, become an ex prison convict, live in a cardboard box, shunned by society, and where are all your friends... GONE!!! OUT OF SIGHT!!! AND WHEN YOU SEE EACH OTHER IN THE STREET THEY'LL AVOID EYE-CONTACT AND PRETEND NOT TO KNOW YOU!!!!But... If you choose an education, you can get a degree, end up working for a good amount of money, live in a nice house in Virginia, Have enough money to go out and make friends, live lavishly and look back that you've been happy with your life didn't have any regrets. So now which path do you choose?

  • Education includes a social life

    Simply put, school Is a social life. School isn't just about the transfer of facts from teacher to student but a community for the kids to grow and mature. Most teaching in itself is doe socially as opposed to independently, especially with young years anyway.
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  • Education is the foundation of life.

    Education is far more significant than social. This is because education sets students up for success and further in life as well. With a vast variety of career paths, education allows people to select their fields of interest and specialize in an occupation related to that career path. As a result, education allows people to not just make aliving a support a family but also enables them do what they want and love in their daily lives.

  • Education is more important

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  • Education is more important in the long run

    Yes you can have your fun with a great social life, yes you can potentially not have a bachelor, masters or PHD and still do well in life. But statistically, people with degree get higher paying jobs, which leads to a more diverse and comfortable lifestyle. If you are confident in your abilities of succeeding without a degree don't get one!! Go and start doing what you want to do, most people misunderstand the term education, education is not only at a school, it at your work, at home, it intimately linked to your life.

  • Education is more important but with a balance both can be achieved

    I agree education is a social life no one studies 24/7 everyone takes a break but education is still a priority...Become someone...Work hard..Achieve something in life and make an impact the only way to do this is to strive get the best grades you can...You don't have to get A grades you just have to do the best you can....Aim high....Achieve what you can....Think about the struggles people go through for education...Poor children walk 6 hours in africa in 50 degrees with no shoes and food to get an education.....So should we not value this education....So i think that education provides stability and happiness but always be humble and help others with the education you receive and always be grateful...

  • Friends are important, But education is way beyond.

    Education will help you way throughout life until your old, while friends are useless and Cruel. JK. But still. If there is a party, and you have a test coming up, you must study. Or your parents will get mad. And that's scary. So don't do that. If you get a good mark on the test when you study, you will be happy, so don't say it's because friends make you happy. And you don't want to go home drunk. So yeah. "Stay in school kids!" ~Mr Beansprout

  • You can lose friends by having friends

    If you care more about a social life than an education you are more likely to lose them, as you are in there face the entire time with an education you still have opportunities to be social and ends up being a win win situation. You have good academics and good friends

  • It won't be so lavishing if I never attain my dream job, now won't it?

    If this so said small school, does not offer me classes in sociology-the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society- and give me experience with social problems, what is a poor, low class, shunned girl ought to do as of now, in this, small school, without much of a social life?

  • People can get jobs without having a degree

    There are several jobs out there that don't require a degree, but you have to do your research!! A degree is just a piece of paper, and most people can't even find a a good job because some of them are worthless. Why waste thousands of dollars on a piece of paper that won't guarantee a job? College is very expensive as it is.

  • Having a social life is better

    Technically education is a part of your social life. Anyway by having a social life you will have connections. You can be smartest person in the world but with no connection you are nothing. If you meet a Ceo of a big company are you going to say I have a Ph.D. Hire me or socialize with him.

  • How does one go to a good college when not offered such classes that will lead you to your dream job?

    If this so said small school, does not offer me classes in sociology-study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society- and give me experience with social problems, how will I ever be granted the opportunity? So, what is a poor, low class, girl ought to do in this, small arts school?

  • Education causes stress over grades.

    People have social anxiety enough, forcing them to be around hundreds of people don't help. With a social life, you can start slow. Be in a small group, make friends, stay away from depression and anxiety. Be at school, be judged and insulted, be stressed left and right, make bad grades, no one likes you, anxiety about friends and grades, depression about having bad grades and being bullied, hung!

  • Because life is about living not getting A's

    At the end of your life when you look back on everything you are not going to smile and feel glad that you studied more for the SAT instead of celebrating your best friends birthday. Even if you get a doctorate it doesn't guarantee that you will get success and money and having a social life guarantees a psychological fulfillment that grades can never supply.

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