Is an emergency restraining order really necessary in the Brad Pitt case?

  • Restraining order necessary in an assault

    The man who assaulted Brad Pitt has a long history of assaulting people. Not only was Pitt right in filing for a restraining order, which is very typical in such an assault case, but the attacker should be held accountable for his repeated assaults. It is baffling how an individual can continue to gain this sort of access to have the chance to launch one of these assaults in the first place.

  • Yes, I believe it makes sense.

    He was attacked by a man while surrounded by his own security team along with the security team patrolling the event. Obviously this man is very clever with getting into places where he doesn't belong. This man also has a history of attacking other celebrities so clearly he is not well. Adding to the stress is the fact that all of their children where there and could have been injured.

  • Vitalii Sediuk is not respect people or laws

    The "pranks" are not creative or funny and cause these people to be fearful about making public appearances at events where they should feel secure. Sediuk is getting more bold and invasive with each prank that he does and this behavior can only be stopped by legal restraint or physical force.

  • No, the Brad Pitt Restraining order is a complete overreaction.

    No, it was completely unnecessary to even bother with a restraining order. The attacker is a prankster that is known for his outrageous attention getting antics. He is not out to get Pitt or his family, and is most likely already planning his next "victim." He isn't malicious, or even known for attacking twice.

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