• Unlimited Power May Constitute A Neutral Stance in the End

    Out of curiosity, I like to play with the idea that if an omnipotent being were unlimited with everything it did (and is), then surely it is both extremely morally good and morally bad, and therefore neutral overall. If an omnipotent being were to favor morally good actions over morally bad, it would contradict the idea of being omnipotent because such an entity would have to express unlimited power in both senses. Conclusively, I find it interesting that people tend to attribute benevolence and morally good behavior with their religious deities.

  • No, omnipotence is not only impossible, it's contradictory.

    If a being is omnipotent then it has the power to act immorally, act morally, and act morally neutral, as it were. So, because an omnipotent being must have the power to be immoral and morally neutral, omnipotence itself is contradictory. Omnipotence, and morality are unrelated, because morality is possible and omnipotence is not.

  • No, Being omnipotent does not affect your morals.

    As an omnipotent being myself I am quite a very excellent creature, but my morals are far from neutral, such as my sense of domination and how I am also a cannibal. Since i am naturally a Apex predator I often kill innocent puppies for their young souls that are; due to contrary belief, they are very expensive. As you can see, my morals are quite horrible and I love it. This thread might as well be closed or I might just close it myself.

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