• Yes, the defacing is being done by an organized group.

    I think that the fact that copies are being destroyed systematically in various cities points to it being organized. The books are being defaced randomly in random cities over a long period of time. If it was random vandals, the crime wouldn't be so specific in time and style. I think this points to organization.

  • Anne Frank's Diary under attack

    Anne Frank's diary is under attack from an organized group. There are too many reports of the vandalism for it not to be a large organized group that is out for destruction. The widespread reports of the defacing are troubling government officials as well as ordinary citizens that care about the literature.

  • Yes, A Group

    With over 250 defaced copies of Anne Frank's diary popping up across Tokyo, Japan I believe it would be best described as a group effort, given the number. I believe it is hard to believe that a single person would take the time to deface each individual copy in varying locations.

  • The Holocaust isn't over.

    Yes, an organized group is defacing copies of Ann Frank's diary in Japan, because there is physical evidence of graffiti and other vulgarities on the copy. The Holocaust is far from over. Not only have the Jews been persecuted, there is now a concerted effort to remove the memories that the Holocaust ever happened.

  • An Organized Group

    I personally think that Libraries across Tokyo have found hundreds of copies of the “Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank and related books vandalized, library officials said Friday, prompting a U.S. Jewish group to call for a probe.The damage to at least 265 copies of the book has been reported at 31 libraries since January.

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