• Yes They are IMO

    Imo yes.. The reason is I like story's.. I know a lot of ppl dislike RPGs because of this sort of thing.. I think it takes more brain power to make correct decisions and read and fallow a storyline and solve puzzles than to run around with a gun.. Fps games are just as dull to me as rpg type games are to fps enthusiasts.. Just let everyone enjoy their genre of choice lol..

  • RPGs can do more things than a sniper rifle

    RPGs are better than a sniper rifle. First, an RPG is an explosive. An RPG and a sniper rifle have approximately the same range. Sniper rifle may have more range, but only by a little. RPGs can blow up cars, buildings, etc. While a sniper rifle cannot. You can only kill one person with one bullet with a sniper rifle unless they are lined up, but with an RPG, you can kill multiple people with just one bullet if they're scattered or lined up.

  • RPG are slightly more entertaining

    While using a sniper the scope is the main feature so you will be killed by machine guns while trying to quick scope but some people are better than others at that. Th RPGS is better because you could miss and still kill your target. While snipers have to be exact. With RPGs if you are accurate you can one shot people before they start shooting.

  • Reload times: and the situation

    Depends on the weapon and situation, but usually an RPG takes longer to reload, requires a target to be reasonably close, since the aim is not very good. A sniper rifle can let you take down multiple targets at varying range and have varying clip sizes, usually superior reload times. The only time an RPG is superior is if the game has vehicles and air craft. Each has there uses for given situations, that said id rather have a good quality assault rifle any day.

  • It deppends on the situation.

    RPG may be able to damage more and in greater numbers, destroy obstacles and such. However their use is completly situational. With a sniper rifle you can take targets from big distances and more silently, while with a RPG you will be immediatly found. Bullets are also faster than missiles. Comparing two different types of weapons is rather dumb as they're made for different situations!

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