• Anarchy is a very good ideology.

    Instead of government pigs constantly robbing us of our money we can support ourselves. We don't need cops to protect us because we as human beings have the power to protect ourselves. All the government does is steal from us and subjugate us. We can build the roads not some government. We have the power to do anything as long as we work together as a COMMUNITY!!!!!

  • Anarchy is a noble objective and a higher state of governance and being

    While there are several threads of Anarchy, I subscribe to the belief that it is highly undesirable for governments to impose morality and enforce their own standard of conduct, ethics and behavior on the human population. Since Governments themselves are terrible role models in all these areas, they are one of the least desirable groups to decide on/impose these values. I believe human beings are capable of greater potential, a higher code of conduct/morality, greater happiness and higher productivity without Governments oppressing our lives with millions of blood sucking bureaucrats and billions of pages of regulations and rules. Governments have become our slave masters, and Anarchism could be our liberator from these great morally bankrupt oppressors.

  • The state is evil

    Many people say that it is necessary, but it really isn't. As long as there is a community, everything is alright. People just need to ignore the state. They don't own us. They think they are naturally in charge, but they really aren't. Anyone who thinks that anyone disobeying the state is bad must be stupid.

  • In theory, yes. In practice, no.

    I understand where anarchists are coming from. They don't want and kind of government, and believe that people should have the right to do whatever they want. The issue is that this rests on the idea that people would be, well, good in a sense. That without government humans would come together in a community and work with each other, unrestrained by governmental laws.
    But, on a large scale at least, this does not work. Large groups of people are not in general very reasonable. Anarchy in most cases will not lead to freedom, a greater expression of humanities potential, or strong communities. Instead it just leads to chaos, which should be avoided at all costs. Chaos brings nothing but death, destruction and suffering.
    In a way, it is similar to Communism. It seems like a fine idea, theoretically, but in practice it just will not work. I can understand that some people do not like the government, I myself don't care too much for all of its corruption, legalese and confusing bureaucracies. But it is better than chaos, which is what anarchy will lead to.
    I may of course be wrong, and if you can give me any examples of successful anarchists groups I might change my mind, but until then I will be against anarchy and the chaos it brings.

  • Anarchy is a word game

    With the exception of anarchopacifism (the idea that all violence even in self-defense is wrong and so government which essentially entails the use of violence is also wrong; I should point out I do not support anarchopacifism, it's ridiculously idealistic and just a few nonsupporters would ruin it.)

    Most "anarchy" is just a word game. Anarchists talk about how 'instead' of government they would have competing companies (anarchocapitalism) or they would have voluntarily formed community organizations or trade unions (anarchosocialism). Regardless they are proposing a system of government but pretending it doesn't count as one. Most anarchists don't even notice they are doing this.

  • In theory its kind of natural but...

    Like I said its sort of natural, all the animals that I know of do not have governments and really their only problem is us humans., but im on the no side because theres a catch. Again all the animals I know live sort of freely, but the thing is is our weapons, its sort of like a free for all but some people have access to nuclear weapons, WoMD so on and so on. What im saying is if theres no one to control anything a lot and a lot of people will most likely die. I think its great in theory but when its actually used it's not the best.

  • Without law anybody can do anything

    Without the government the powerful could take what ever they want
    and eventually they would form a dictatorship (thats a goverment) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .

  • In theory, no, in practice, again no.

    Anarchy would only lead to tyranny as the most powerful would quickly take control and begin subjugating those they dislike. Human beings have the nasty habit of being able to justify whatever they do, so while they may say they are doing good things, they will actually be committing horrible deeds. Just look at Hitler, he killed over 6 million people and the whole time he justified it be dehumanizing his victims.

  • No, Not Truly

    Anarchy is an awesome ideology to discuss, or to implement in very isolated arenas, but is a poor philosophy in regards to running a society. Anarchist societies have never flourished in history, because a true anarchy cannot, I repeat, CANNOT sustain itself. True anarchy is about upsetting the established authority and living in community. But this is impossible, because people consistently would place themselves in unofficial positions of authority. If you have authority of any type, then you do not have a true anarchist society. So anarchy is fun to discuss, but ultimately fruitless and impossible to achieve.

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-09-19T06:26:04.430
@"Everybody on the Yes side" -- If you are adding a comment on this site, reading a comment on this site, or heck, on this site for any reason, or heck even just remotely aware of this site; you would not live through an anarchist society (with a tolerance of about 1%). The reason for this is because the criminals will come out from the shadows and start victimizing people 24/7, this will lead to law abiding citizens committing crimes to survive, which will very quickly spiral into everyone victimizing each other; Vegas odds are, stup1d people that vote FOR anarchy on this site won't be the ones walking away at the end of the day...Sorry to ruin your dreams.
cludwig says2015-09-19T19:55:26.723
@MakeSensePeopleDont - I agree with your sentiment that socially engineering a society on a large scale utilizing the foundation of Anarchist philosophy would likely be impossible and dangerous due to those undesirable members of society that you listed. I take exception to your statement that anarchist philosophy and those who would ascribe to it are stupid - idealistic and altruistic perhaps. But many great philosophers ascribed to these principles for very sound reasons. I suggest MakeSensePeopleDont that a little study into these philosophical ideas would be a worthwhile investment of time, before casually dismissing them as stupid simply because they are impractical to implement on a large scale. As a species, we should strive and have the hope of evolving to a higher level of civility and social consciousness. We should at least try to better ourselves rather than accepting that we will always be barbaric, base and violent.