Is anarchy the true order of society? Will all government fall eventually?

Asked by: SGM_iz_SekC
  • When I was young, my family told me that God loves me and that all things are born unto the child.

    Are we really ever going to be free? That is a question answered by the trivial behaviors of common people. I would rather live in a world where we can just be ourselves and live our own lives, but people are just too petty and stupid for that. Im 43 years old. Hopefully I wont have another 43 years. Hopefully God will take me when I sleep. Human kind has always had the choice to be a good free society. But none gives two poops....

  • Anarchy is a type of government.

    A common misconception about anarchy is that it is an anti-governmental State. It isn't true by a long-shot. It's also thought to be unable to work. It has in the past in Italy and actually many other places as well. I believe what you mean is Martial Law and the answer to that is in a sense "Yes". As human displacement continues ( it is more efficient to simply allow machines to do most menial work ) the way the current monetary system functions will have to be revamped. Heavily. With that in mind various standards for things like taxes will not make as much sense since there are billions of humans and every year we find ways to outdo ourselves mechanically eliminating entire job fields from the planet in matters of months. So there's tens of thousands of people who no longer have jobs due to having dead fields while also having the problem of an ever increasing population.

    Martial Law is inevitable, society will fall and be rebuilt, and what comes next? No idea.

  • Humans are inherently tribal

    Just look around the world: primitive peoples form themselves into tribes, and the tribes are a form of government. Countries that do not have one government are actually in a competition among warlords or tribes that represent competing sources of governing. Humans are genetically programmed as social animals. The always form tribes or larger groups that provide government. Observe on DDO that if you ask self-proclaimed anarchists if they want socialized medicine, government regulation of markets, and so forth they answer "yes" to strong central government up and down the line. Somehow they equate anarchy with big government.

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