Is Andrew Garfield (yes) or Toby Maguire (no) the better Spiderman/Peter Parker?

  • Andrew was perfect

    He played the character so well! He was adorably awkward and just amazing. It's not that I don't like Toby. He also played the character amazingly but I just think that Andrew suited the role more. Andrew's Peter was fun and quirky making him more likeable and more fun to watch personally :)

  • Toby or Andrew

    I did not like toby at all although i dont know who this andrew guy is i liked his performance better. I think toby has a little too geeky whelp look to him. Toby maguire is just not likable in my opinion for any movies i just dont like him.

  • Matter of writing, not acting

    The character of Peter Parker/Spiderman as written for The Amazing Spiderman was far more similar to the spirit of the character in the comics. Andrew Garfield was able to pull off Peter's quirky sense of humor and one-liners FAR better than Toby Maguire, though I feel this has more to do with the way the part was written rather than raw acting talent.

  • He encompassed Spider-man's character better

    Toby Maguire, I think, did better at capturing the essence of Spider-Man. Spider-Man was a nerdy kid who was not popular in school. Andrew was too pretty to be unpopular. Toby's quirky and dorky attitude says it all. Plus, I think Andrew's character was too disrespectful. A hero shouldn't be disrespectful

  • Toby was likable

    Can't say the same about the other. The other is rude and sometimes a douchebag. He's not a good man at all. So yeah. Plus Toby was much better at showing Peter Parker anyways. More unforgetable moments. The other guy makes the movie a joke if you ask me. Lol

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taino92 says2013-07-30T15:35:44.527
I think Andrew Garfield amazing job at portraying the spider man character.