Is Andrew Luck a better NFL quarterback than Robert Griffin III (RG3)?

Asked by: cpayagen13
  • Andrew luck is a super bowl winner

    Andrew luck is better no dought about it he has better accuracy. He wins more games . Yes rgiii has better stats but so what. Andrew luck can also run more than he's credited for. He also beats good teams including the 49ers 27-7 the seahawks 34-28 who were super bowl champions by the way. The broncos 39-33 and the chiefs twice 23-7 and
    A stunning 28 point comeback win in the playoffs 45-44 so in my opinion luck is better.

  • Luck by far

    Luck has shown that he has a better passing game and a better run game. Plus the colts made the playoffs. RGIII is over rated. Luck has more td's passing yards and more rushing td's. I thought RGIII was supposed to be better at running. Luck isn't just better than Robert Griffin the third, he's one of the best QB's in the NFL.

  • Every NFL quaterback is better than RG3

    I think it's pretty clear that Washington had the worst season of any NFL team this year. Robert Griffin III isn't a terrible quarterback. The receivers and linemen on the team share in the blame. Unfortunately for him, the NFL is the most competitive football league in the world, and their is an amazing crop of quarterbacks coming out of the NCAA for the 2014 draft.

  • Luck is better

    Luck just needs a better O-Line. Then this won't even be debatable anymore. Andrew struggles with consistency sometimes, but he's still a second year QB. Andrew has been rushed and hit more then RG3 also this year. He is already a great leader and fantastic game manager. When I watch RG3 is see a guy who is struggling with his confidence. Confidence in his health and confidence in his skill. His accuracy has been horrible, and that speed may never come back. The problem is that most people only look at stats, play fantasy football and then consider themselves a "football genius". Anyone who watches Andrew on a regular basis knows the only reason Indy wins is being carried on Lucks broad shoulders. RG3 adopted a pretty decent team, who is more then capable of winning with Cousins in. Where are they now? Dead Last The Colts are division champs, and that is only because of Luck. Take him out, we might be as bad as Jacksonville. True story. It also appears that RG3 has a problem listening to coaches. Luck has bought in completely into what coach Pagano has been preaching, and Bruce Arians said he thinks of Andrew as his son. RG3 has to learn to grow as a player. Just because you were successful in college doesn't mean you will be successful in the NFL. Especially now that the league has figured out how to defend the read. Luck gets 3 super bowls, RG3 becomes the next Mike Vick. Flavour of the week, eventual back-up with the tag "what could have been"

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    Of course Luck is better than RG III. Everyone thinks that just because Griffin can run, he is an all around better QB, but that's simply not the case. Why would you attempt to run as a QB with the possibility of getting injured and effecting your team negatively? The fact that he won Rookie of the Year is only because of the hype he brought to Washington. Luck can pass accurately 97% of the time. He's also very intelligent. Luck only runs on plays when there is no other option, and when there's a hole for him to run through. Griffin is EXTREMELY overrated.

  • Is Steak better than Spam?

    The NFL has caught up to the Pistol, which leaves RG3 having to play like a traditional QB. Which he is not suited for. Plus he is bad leader, and is throwing coaches and players under the bus in press conferences. He was more interested in creating hype, then learning the position. Luck will be up there with the Montana's, could get him a ring this year.

  • Absolutely pro luck

    I would take luck over RG III any day! I wish that the Redskins would have gotten a quarterback who can stand up to a beating. RG III is too fragile...I always thought his legs were too thin and spindly; like a runners, but that does not make a great quarter back....

  • He sure as hell seems to be

    He beat the Seahawks, he beat the 49ers, he beat the Broncos, and he plays the chiefs sometime in the future and everybody expects him to do well....... RGIII and his redskins on the other hand are dead last in their division (I think theyre around 3-6) and it looks like theyre not going to make the playoffs this year..... If im making a fantasy draft and I have to choose between these two as my QB, im going Luck all the way.

  • Andrew Luck is naturally better

    Andrew Luck will only get better the longer he is a quarterback, whereas RG3 will begin to get injured more and he will begin the falter as his career progresses. Overall, I believe Andrew Luck is just like the Indianapolis Colts former quarterback, Peyton Manning. Yes RG3 can run and throw the ball, but for how long?

  • Individual Statistics are overrated

    Based on RG3's stats, yes, he may seem better on paper; however, if you factor in everything from amount of passes dropped by receivers, drop backs from quarterbacks, percentage of passes under 10 yards, etc, you would see that Andrew Luck is clearly better than RG3. I would explain my reasons, however, I'd like to see your comments and replies first and then counter argue as that would be better for a debate.

  • Andrew Luck Sucks

    I think that RG3 is better because Robert went through so may injuries he is a tough guy. If Peyton Manning would have stayed Andrew Luck would have never been a player on the Colts. Andrew Luck should have stayed with the other sport he played. RG3 is fast and can throw. He is one tough cookie to me

  • Rg3 is solid at least , and amazing if unortodox at best!!

    Rg3 runs like the wind and has been plauged by injuries, they aren't his fault, if he can put together solid (read injury free) performance this year then this time next year you will all be saying he is much better than what was once though, also as an exiting side not he is extremly accurate on the short throw and above adverage on the medium, all he needs to do is clean up his long throw and turnover percentage and if he can do this (all listed above) he will be a top 10 quaterback in the coming years.

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