Is Android on track to become the most popular smartphone system?

  • android is already the most popular, and at only 40% of the final product, will only get better and better

    android has the most versatality of any mobile OS to ever exist. It has such a wide range of devices that anyone can find the perfect phone or tablet for them. As the high end Android devices are being directly compared with basically the "control" so to speak of smartphones, the iphone, only shows how well Android can compete.
    as stated in the headline android is already the most popular mobile OS in the world and it has been in a growing state since its debut in 2007

  • Android is already the most popular smartphone OS, worldwide, and Ice Cream Sandwich and Kindle Fire will only accelerate that.

    With the new version of Android being more elegant, while unifying the platform between tablets and smartphones, the OS will only be more popular. With Kindle Fire coming out from Amazon at such a low price point, more people will want to own an Android device, which will make Android the overall more popular OS on all devices.

    Posted by: KevonA
  • I believe Android has a good chance of becoming the most popular smartphone system, because it has the best apps.

    Android may surpass the iPhone simply because Apple has a history of being too selective with apps, and not allowing much freedom in the development of new and innovative apps. However, Apple products are extremely popular in terms of design, so Android definitely will need to focus on that side of the market.

    Posted by: LongShawn93
  • Android will soon dominate the smartphone world, because Google has not only created an excellent operating system, but they have also created a complex ecosystem to support that system.

    The success of Android is fairly assured. Google has not only created an excellent operating system, but they have also created a complex ecosystem to support that system. Android is simple to use and quickly mastered, which is a major point in its favor. The availability and range of applications that can be run on the Android system is, one might say, overwhelming. Those apps alone are a free market force driving the expansion of the operating system.

    Posted by: 5h3rIsdead
  • Android is on track to becoming the most popular smartphone system, just by default, if no other reason.

    Android is on track to becoming the most popular smartphone system, by default. The recent news that Apple records and stores the GPS location of the phone has raised privacy concerns, which may limit future sales. Windows is notorious for poor security. If you need a secure private phone, the best option is Android.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Due to Google's dominance as a search engine, Android is set to be the future's number one smart phone system.

    Google is already the world's number one search engine. Additionally, it is also a wildly used mapping tool, e-mail system, calendar, etc. Considering how widely used these tools are, and the fact that they are so thoroughly integrated into the android system, it will not be surprising when the Android smartphone system becomes dominant.

    Posted by: HolisticRussell89
  • Android is growing at an amazing pace, and will soon be the dominant smartphone OS.

    The open source nature of Android makes it both developer and carrier-friendly. Google's market doesn't restrict developers like Apple's does, and the OS truly has no boundaries, as the ability to create custom ROMs and programs outside of an archaic approval process make it a far superior choice. It's already surpassed iOS as the leading smartphone OS, and can only grow stronger from here.

    Posted by: QuaintReuben58
  • I own an Android and see this smartphone going in new directions with every move I make on it.

    Android smartphones are a bit overwhelming at first, but the more you maneuver though the apps and the phone itself, the easier it becomes for the user. With having this phone, you really do not need to have any other of the electronic devices one is use to carrying. The smartphone has system updates every so often so that it is always kept up to date and with further tweaking and troubleshooting, I am sure that it will go above and beyond its present performance

    Posted by: AgreeableDelmar51
  • Yes, because Android is putting a lot of energy into being on the cutting edge of technology.

    The Android platform is quickly becoming very popular, as it seems to be putting energy into developing cutting edge technology. The applications available for the Android seem to blow the others out of the water. The ease of use, lack of problems, and seamless technological architecture are quickly making it number one in the industry.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Google understands its rival's weaknesses, and is attempting to fill in the voids that Apple has left in the market.

    Android is on track to become the most popular smartphone system because its developer, Google, has an acute understanding of its competitor's weaknesses. Furthermore, Google is attempting to fill the market void created by those weaknesses. The Apple iPhone, which is currently enjoying a reign as the world's most popular smartphone system, has revealed what some may perceive to be some self-defeating development strategies. The first is that the iPhone will not load Flash video, and the second is a relatively closed developer community that sets high bars for entrance. Google, on the other hand, has chosen to allow the loading of Flash on the Android, and also takes an "open source" approach to the development of Android applications. These choices may end up creating a better user experience than the one created by the iPhone, potentially making the Android the most popular smartphone system.

    Posted by: BrokenTerrence94
  • I am a loyal Apple iPhone user and do not think the Android quality measures up.

    I have owned both an iPhone and an Android. The only advantage I can see for the Android is its ability to employ Flash technology, something the iPhone is not capable of doing. The way I use my smartphone does not require me to view many images, photos and videos, so the Flash capability is not that important to me.

    Posted by: ObsoleteDanny
  • I disagree that Android is on track to become the most popular smartphone system.

    There are several other competitors that are finally coming around in terms of software maturity, such as HP (previously Palm) webOS, and Microsoft's "Windows Phone" operating system. HP webOS in particular shows amazing promise and a fluid, quick to learn, intuitive interface. The "card" interface is second to none in terms of simplicity in actual usage. While Android may be "open source", it does not provide the same user experience as webOS. Even though Android is shipping large volumes of smartphones, I don't think they'll be able to keep their steam.

    Posted by: ClutteredHai44
  • NO Steve Jobs will always put a better phone out on the table

    Android is new and people think its all that but it will never be as reliable as the iPhone. I have used my cousins android and dislike the bulky feel and overall vibe. It seemed like the phone had more functions then it could hold. Whereas with the iPhone its easy to learn how to use i didnt even read the instruction book. I will never go back to another phone. Had an iphone 3 now have the 4 an i am loving it

  • Android is a pretty hot OS at the moment, but that is all there is to it, because history shows that it will be taken over by the next "hot" item.

    Android is not on track to be the hottest phone system on the market, because many phones have had the same track record, but gave way to other smarter phone systems. The Razr phone was one of the hottest on the market, but it gave way to other sleeker phones. The Iphone dominated the smart phone market, but now is on the same playing field with other sleeker smarter phones (including Android-based phones). So, the Android is on the playing field, but it will not dominate the market.

    Posted by: JaggedGiuseppe

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