Is Andromede, Toulouse a good model for new town development?

Asked by: Diqiucun_Cunmin
  • Near the city centre, sufficient commercial activity, lots of jobs and lots of green.

    Take a look at these stats:

    -4000 homes
    -210 ha area, of which 70 ha is composed of nature reserves and urban parks
    -11 000 sq. M. Of commerce nearby
    -200 000 sq. M. Of offices
    -15 minutes from city centre

    This city is the answer to many of the problems that prevail in existing new towns. Many new towns lack real green areas (not just trees on the pavement, and Andromede gives the answer to that, with 1/3 of the area covered in green. Many new towns were supposed to be self-sufficient, but failed in this regard, but Andromede provides quick access to the city centre, and lots of office buildings as well. There's also an airbus factory nearby, so there should be sufficient employment. Other cities should learn from their example.

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