• Overall fake artist

    I can see why big corporations loved him, He was obsessed with people spending money in a consumer culture and the stuff he sold was the product of other peoples labour most of the time with his signature at the bottom. He was at best a dodgy businessman, To call him an artist is a genuine insult to the word.

  • Illustrator, Not an artist

    Warhol’s most famous works (Marilyn, Campbell’s Soup Can, Etc. ) were illustrations of someone else’s work. He didn’t shoot the photo of the image he used in the Marilyn series that he used over and over, Nor did he do the graphic design for the Campbells Soup Can that he used. It’s not art to copy someone else’s work in a different medium.

  • His work seemed to be pictures that already existed with a colorful makeover. Unimpressed.

    Im a much bigger fan of Mapplethorpe. His work was much more honest, intriguing, and in your face. A shame that Warhol was so much more recognized. I don't blame Mapplethorpe for being frustrated at living in that man's shadow. It would frustrate me too being outdone by a soup can and an overly colorful picture of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Yes , he is played out

    Just shows you how the public is fooled by a opportunist. He found a way to make a fortune for himself by robbing other art commercial or not and putting a liberal twist on it. When he found that this was going to be profitable , he ran with it. He made sure he had his weirdo thing going on , but remember it's all about the all mighty dollar. He coundn't have had his compound out in montauk and create his own reality if the money wasn't flowing in

  • Warhol was an overrated hack who stole other peoples work.

    The man had a lot of influence, however corporations had a bigger influence over him. So much of his work is really just the work of others rehashed and announced as some kind of fine art. It's about the most thoughtless art you can create and his influence has had a demeaning affect on art and most people now do not understand how to create, only copy. It's an assault on the intellectual honesty and craft of art itself. He was a great influence, but a bad one, like many other great men of history who left a legacy of nothingness. There are plenty of illustrators who actually deserve Warhol's pedestal in the public eye along side the likes of Norman Rockwell who don't have it. Frank Frazetta for instance, in my opinion far more influential and far more talented than Warhol, but far less known by the public at large.

  • I think so.

    I have never been a fan of the works of Andy Warhol. I appreciate that he had an avant garde spirit and attitude and I do think that some of his work was creative, I just personally do not find it very compelling. Maybe it was more groundbreaking in the 60's.

  • Yes, although he was part of an interesting movement.

    Andy Warhol was technically correct in his paintings of objects and he certainly had a vision that coincided with a modernist sensibility in art that was just emerging at that time. But his paintings are not great and are for the most part nothing that I would pay a lot of money for.

  • Andy Warhol Is Amazing!

    Andy Warhol is not overrated, he is an incredible artist that recognized how corporate enterprises shape our aesthetic. He went against the norms of artistic culture and what was considered art, but created a new pop culture that has spawned a new artistic generation.
    Further, Warhol realizes that people WANT pop culture, that they LIKE it. Art can be so puritanical; Warhol made it about sugar, glitter, candy, celebrity, sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, which was totally original for his time - most artists at that time were dealing with deep emotions, the deep turbulent well of troubled unconscious drive. Warhol eradicated depth, and concentrated on pure image, flatness, facade.

  • Art is in the eye....

    Andy Warhol is highly rated by many people as being a great artist. If a person or people do not believe his art is good, then they can look at something else. Some people do not see the beauty in any of the visual arts and only recognize music as the only art form. This is all perspective. If you do not share a perspective, then you will not appreciate it.

  • He is influential.

    No, Andy Warhol is not overrated, because there are lots of different ways to measure a persons worth. One way to measure an artist's worth is their influence. Andy Warhol has had a great deal of influence. His painting of Marilyn Monroe is extremely popular and art students study it. That makes him important in the art world.

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