Is Angela Corey the worst prosecutor in the U.S.?

  • Lets murderers run free in exchange for vote endorsements

    Read about the murder case of Natasha R Boykin. This case was claimed suicide in the first five minutes of the 911 call by primary suspect.

    The suspect ex boyfriend had stippling on his forehead and hand and failed GSR tests conducted by police. The GSR swatches matched the same substance on suspects forehead and hand. He had a weapon in his pantleg but nothing was confiscated. The police photographed him standing in front of two police officers along with house being unlocked with several loaded weapons comingled with childrens toys but still nothing was confiscated.

    State Attorney Angela Coreys cousin impersonated herself as a law enforcement officer to get confidential documents from the medical examiner. Angela Corey refuses to do anything although she admitted Natasha was indeed murdered.

    Angela Corey's other cousin (brother) worked for the lawfirm representing the suspect in wrongful death case.

    Angela Corey claims the confidential CD her impersonating law enforcement officer cousin does not have it in the States Attorney case file.

    Please help us get justice for Matasha

  • Angela Corey is the worst prosecutor in the U.S..

    Angela Corey is by far the worst prosecutor in the United
    States. She couldn’t convict a man who
    with a history of domestic violence and violence towards police officers. She couldn’t convict a man who admitted that
    he murdered an unarmed 17 year old for no good reason. And she wasn’t even going to charge him until
    there was a public outcry.

  • Yes, Angela Corey is the worst prosecutor in the U.S.

    Yes, Angela Corey is the worst prosecutor in the U.S. For every person that thinks she was wrong in prosecuting George Zimmerman, there is another person who thinks she did a horrible job in presenting the case against Zimmerman. So she has virtually no allies. Now she is under investigation for firing Ben Kruidbos, the information technology director in Corey’s office. If she is not the worst in the country she was definitely the worst prosecutor of the year.

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