Is Anglicanism more Catholic (yes) or Protestant (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The differences between Anglicism and Catholicism are few because Anglicism was not created to be radically different.

    For all that have not taken AP Euro, the main reason why Anglicism and the Church of England was founded was because King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife so he could remarry and try for an heir. Anglicism was simply a copy of Catholicism that was tailored to allow the English King to avoid select religious rules.

  • There's a reason the Klan hated the English

    The beliefs of Anglicanism fall more in line with the Catholic Church, aside from a few minor changes and lack of the Pope. Anglicanism believes in confession, and priests and bishops. A good example would be Graham Hess from "Signs." He was an Anglican, and he was referred to as Father. There's a reason the Klan didn't like the English.

  • Anglicanism TODAY is much different than it was when the church was originally formed.

    When King Henry VIII created the Church of England, it was for the purpose of obtaining a divorce which the pope in the Catholic Church would not recognize. Over time due to Queen Elizabeth I and her adoption of more Protestant positions... The church has drifted almost in the middle, between the two sides. The Anglican Communion (which encompasses the Episcopal Church in the United States) rejects the pope as a power of divine authority as well as many other things including... EX: The Anglican Church uses a lot of the Old Testament whereas the Catholic Church favors the New Testament. In the Anglican Church priests are allowed to be females as well as marry if they would like. Catholics believe Mary stayed a Virgin whereas Anglicans believe she had more children "Jesus' brothers and sisters." Also Mary is not as highly idolized within the Anglican Church as it is within the Catholic Church. Also Confession with a priest... In the Anglican Faith it is Reverend.... Is not common at all. It is rare to find confession booths within the Anglican Church if any at all

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