Is Angry Birds one of the best games of the 21st century so far?

Asked by: Amberbrown
  • I love it!

    Angry birds is the best thing for me and my phone. My favorite bird is the bomb and he is awesome plus he has powers in the new angry birds bombs new power! The people who are saying no then you are the stupidest people in the world! Not cool!

  • Yeah totally is!

    It definitely is in my opinion! You'll see it in every single person's phone. Nobody doesn't have it! Meet someone on the street and look through their phone and you'll see that they have it. If they don't, it could be for 2 reasons. 1.) they've completed the game and deleted it. 2.) They haven't heard of it yet!

  • The game has no depth.

    No plot, bad graphics, no skill required just practice. Games that are played on phones or touch screens, are only games that are played when someone has nothing else around. These games in no way could compete with a game on a console or PC.
    It takes about 5 min to get bored of Angry Birds.

  • Its a fun game, not an experience

    Angry Birds is fun for most people. People play it for fun. Not as an experience. You do it in the bus or in line or while waiting. It's not a true video gaming experience which you receive on consoles handhelds and the PC. Angry Birds sits on my phone and I haven't played it in forever. Why play Angry Birds when I can go and play some League with my friends or play RPGs on my consoles? The best games always make you want to come back after ending the game. I still have enormous fun in Uncharted games. I haven't met a person who repeatedly replays 1-2 for more points after getting all 3 stars. No game is perfect but I think that Angry Birds isn't the best. Angry Birds is kinda fun but mostly addicting. GTAV is really fun and really addicting. The Last of Us is fun and is just amazing. These games have everything Angry Birds has and more.

  • It's merely a hype.

    Angry birds is a new skin on an old game. The game idea in itself is not original, it is being milked way past its actual worth and it is a dead end genre with limited options when it comes to innovation. It isn't on everyone's phone, it slowly will fade out and since each sequel is nearly identical to the last one it will never be remembered as unique nor a innovative franchise. Hardcore gamers barely consider it as a "real" game if I might put it like that for it has no story, overly simplified gameplay, repetative nature and limited immersion. It may be fun for a few minutes, but it won't stick in your mind once you shut off the phone.

  • Best games? Absolutely not!

    Although incredibly popular, Angry Birds is not one of the best games. Technically, there is no "best" game. The comparison between two game genre is irrational. The standards for good game, however, are objective. The basis for judging a game starts with gameplay, music, art style, and presentation. Although Angry Birds is a well-received game, it will never be the best of the 21st century.

    Posted by: Eole

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