• Yes. As horrific as it is, its necessary.

    We don't have enough rapists, murderers, or pedophiles to test on. If we tested on extreme criminals we'd run out within a few months.

    If we tested on small-time criminals we'd be unjustified; blindness, acid burns, death, for shoplifting? Absurd.

    If we went straight to human testing then innocent people would be injured or killed.

    Again, as horrific as it is, animal testing is necessary.

  • Yes it is

    We need to test whether things are safe for humans to take/use/consume/etc. And we couldn't test things on humans because of the possibility that whatever is tested could kill them. Also how else would we know that something doesnt harm or kill something without animal testing. Those are my reasons bye

  • I don't think so.

    I think maybe the idea is that, one life could save a thousands. But, even with that logic, there are failed tests, and you're going to need a ton of animals to work on.

    It just seems cruel.
    An animal can't give consent either. Why do something so evil as screw them up?

  • You cruel bastard

    You know what happens when u find a animal and 'expierement' on defenceless clueless animals, i come to your house and put u in experementation so u know what it feels like to be tested, replace animals with people who deserve it, like the jews,blacks,muslims,christians,browns and people who say yes to this, so as u can see, if u say yes to animal testing, kill yourself bastard

  • No, it is not justified, but it may be necessary.

    Animal experimentation is just as wrong as rape is, being that the victim did not give consent. Animals are not here for us to use, and it is immoral for us to take advantage of them just because they cannot fight back; I do however understand that certain advantages in science could not have been possible without animal experimentation. What we need to do now, is find another way to do things, that doesn't involve the abuse of animals.

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