• Anime is basically Japanese cartoon

    Cartoon does not always mean animation from the west. In Japan, Anime and western animation are not always used interchangeably; Tom and Jerry is considered an anime there. Anime is just Japanese cartoons. I will agree that a lot of anime is much better than what they show in the west these days, But not all anime is "good" in a sense. We got a lot of good plot anime such as Death Note, One Piece, And Cowboy Bebop, And anime focused mainly on humor such as Lucky Star and of course the abomination Boku No Pico. There are a lot of western animations with good plot, Such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Steven Universe, The Dragon Prince, Castlevania, Etc. Yes, There is a major difference between American animation and Japanese animation, But there is also a difference from American animation to Russian animation, As well as a difference between Japanese animation to Chinese animation. Yes, Japan has a very unique and distinct style of animation compared to the rest of the world, But in Japan every animation is considered an "anime" regardless of the origin of country. SpongeBob is considered an anime there. So it is safe to say that anime is Japanese cartoons.

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