• Anime is drawn different.

    Anime is special and drawn in a japenese style, while cartoon does not look as realistic, and sometimes easier to draw! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • They are quite different.

    I think the only similarity between anime and cartoon is the fact they're animated. Anime and cartoon differ greatly in content, style, and target audience. Anime creators have much more freedom when it comes tp the "maturity" of the content than cartoonists have. However, when it comes to the complexity of the plot and the style of the characters, anime creators are under more pressure to make their shows engaging for people of different ages. These are the things that make anime and cartoon different.

  • No, not exactly.

    Typically in the concept. While both may appeal to audiences of all ages, cartoons will usually adopt a non-serious mood. However, the attitude of anime might become quite dismal, depending on varying circumstances. Anime also have a tendency to extend plots in chronological order, lesser so than cartoons typically would.

  • They are Polar opposites

    It's the way the story and animation is presented. American cartoons are more simplisticly drawn and relate more to current events. Amine is drawn with immense attention to detail and the story reflects the Japanese mentality - They use their traditions and even everyday life in exaggeration to express different philosophies (especially morality). Awesome on both parts

  • No. Anime is just the term for Japanese CARTOONS.

    While anime may seem different from cartoons, aside from being called different things, they aren't. They're just different names for the same thing; Televised animation, hand-drawn or otherwise.

    The style, writing and other such things doesn't matter, as cartoons/anime can be terrible or good regardless of where they came from.

    Cartoon isn't an insult. Calling anime a cartoon isn't wrong. Anime is just Japanese cartoons.

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