• HELL YA, and Its great

    The mistake that the first opposition makes is that he uses "Nerdy" in the negative since. A nerd is someone who is interested in a hobby or media that deviates from the social norms. These norms are formed by whatever the media tells us what is normal fore people to do and like. Example - normal for guys to spend a night trying to "score" with women and for girls to like shopping. Anyone who deviants from this is considered weird or nerdy. So seeing how none of the major cable networks are clamoring for the rights of Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online, I think its safe to say that it is not considered normal or popular ergo "Nerdy"

  • We aren't nerds -_-

    Alright we are GEEKS I'll admit but not NERDS. I was talking about how I went to Kawaii con and this girl said anime is nerdy. Well it's not ok?! It's just better than regular tv shows and some people just don't accept the beauty of anime. I love anime so much it's addicting and is not for nerds

  • Anime is not for nerds because not every person is a nerd.

    Like me for example i'm am totally not a nerd for and here's why #1 i don't get good grades and you won't ever see me studying in my spare time #2 i would prefer the word fan girl or fan boy not nerd #3 if we are nerds then every boy or girl that has a game boy or any type of electronic game is also a nerd because video games are apart of being a nerd so in all seriousness if you watch anime, play video games, read manga, or cosplay you are not a nerd you are just a fan girl or boy. I rest my case ^ ^

  • I don't think so

    When I was little I grew up on anime. My sisters watched it and loved it, and I watched it with them starting from before I can remember, so I know no different. So in about 7th grade I was talking about it to my friends and they started laughing and called it "nerdy" and "wierd" but in reality it's just a show. Why is it okay for a high schooler to watch spongebob but not okay to watch Sword Art Online? It doesn't make any sense. I now hide the fact that I watch anime and go to conventions for the sake of reputation, but in all honesty, I'm disappointed that someone who watches anime has so many stereotypes planted on them

  • He-double hockey sticks no

    I love anime and have been watching it my whole life...So do you think I would say anime is nerdy NO. The story line is awesome(on 99% of them) and same with the art style...The porn I watch is even in the anime style dude and that's saying some thing

  • No its not

    No way! I love anime! The only people that think it is nerdy are the people that dont give it the time, its awesome! The story lines are awesome and a lot of them seem like the writer was on drugs haha which makes it more enjoyable to watch !

  • If you think it is, just start watching and those feelings will fade.

    Truth is if you lived in Japan and didn't watch anime than you would be the outcast. I just think that anime hasn't really hit the US yet. In my opinion though, it is a very thought provoking and intelligent means of entertainment. The story lines are also fantastic and unbeatable.

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