• It is now

    Back then classic anime was known for having a cute design and having a nice classic story but now all anime is is just a bunch of perverted stuff with panty shots and whatnot with little to no actual story and it’s just hard to watch now and now all the anime is just aimed at horny boys who watch porn every 5 seconds.

  • An ocean of low quality anime

    A normal teenage protagonist with extraordinary power. A girl that has a crush on the protagonist. A smart man with glasses explaining everything to the dumb person. Useless side characters watching everything. A rival that is jealous of the protagonist but also respects the protagonist. The power of friendship. 1 second stretched into 5 minutes of slow monologue. Someone with an eye patch. Person who is angry but then because a secret admirer. Someone eating food like a pig. A small talking creature. Fan service. Filler. Tournament arc, School arc. Super transformation.

    Almost all amines are cliches and full of tropes. Name me one good anime and there are at least 5 more clones. You can predict the plot and cheesy music and emotional development.

    Watch other things and try some variety.

  • Why do we care?

    Why should I care. I betcha shrek is more tolerable than this cartoon here. At least Shrek has a plot and some funny business but anime has gone out of control. It was fine when it was just a computer system but now Anime has just grown into a buttcrack meme along with a thousand others. Okay bye.

  • In most circles its not thought very highly of. . .

    So I don't see how one could come to the conclusion that its "overrated", Unless you are saying so in jest. . . Because it ought to be rated even lower than it already is or something.

    It has its place as a middle ground where children are coming of age and transitioning to interests in grown up affairs.

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