• She Is... But She's Got Competition!

    Being an avid reader of imgur, I do notice that many Internet geeks love Anna Kendrick! But why not? She's cute, smart, funny, and self-deprecating. Although I don't think she actually is a true geek, as I have never heard of her playing excessive video games or building her own computer, I still think she appeals to many Internet junkies because of her girl-next-door quality. She's got competition in Jennifer Lawrence though!

  • Yes, I believe Anna Kendrick is the internet's girlfriend.

    I believe Anna Kendrick has become fairly popular on the internet. I think that her success and her adorableness make her appealing to most people in society. She is very different from a lot of other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. She seems very sweet and ideal as far as companionship goes for a lot of people.

  • Kendrick Is Everyone's Girl

    Anna Kendrick began her road to fame began in a Broadway musical at the age of 10. She has since been nominated for awards by the Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA and more. While she downplays her sexuality she posed in a bikini for Elle. Kendrick is the girl next door who still manages to star in Twilight and finds herself with a Billboard number 2 hit. She is everyone's darling. A self-effacing sweetheart.

  • She is beautiful.

    Yes, I think that Anna Kendric is the Internet's girlfriend, because she is so beautiful. She also has a beautiful singing voice, as we heard in the movie about the college acapella singers. She is a beautiful brunette, and it's obvious why the media cannot get enough of her. She is an internet sensation.

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