• Something gives me the feeling this woman wears Jordans :)

    I think she's a cool woman. She comes off as the kinda homegirl that grew up in the Bronx (I know she's from Connecticut). :) And the type who says "Bro." She's gorgeous and a knockout. I also think she's the type to wear Jordans. LOL I did have a dream that I saw her in a pic wearing it. But I do think she does because some friends have said she does.

    She is the reigning goddess of Hollywood :)

  • Does not seem so.

    I never heard of her, but she did that play called "The Vagina Monologues." The author of that script said the woman's pus.Sy is not liberated enough. This strikes me as the antithesis of cool. Maybe this woman was miscast or just needed the money. Maybe she was just playing a role, and does not believe that stuff. Maybe she does not believe it any more. Some of that would be cool, but I'd have to know more about her. The upshot is that feminism is definitely not cool at all.

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