• They are good,

    Anonymous helps Americans and other people see whats true. Since anonymous is not a very formal group. They can't stop people from using their name for things those people wanted to do. Their main intention is great. Anonymous is the people. Can you really trust the government? If NSA did a great job, they could have stopped 9/11.

  • They aren't bad, nor are they good, they are anonymous.

    They have freedom, they do what they want, either it's stealing accounts for money or hacking bad websites, bad people, conspiracy stuff, ... They do what they think is right, many people support them, others don't. They don't listen to the government, they fight again government, they reveal the shocking truths and have took down gov websites countless times, it's like a click of a button for them.
    I still say yes, they're more good than bad.

  • Yes, he took down bad webpages

    They took down webpages that cant be seen, to be exact they took out 52 porn page, in that case they are doing good. And they fight for humans rights, for example "the government need to be afraid of us, we dont need to be afraid of the government, he is a GENIOUS

  • I personaly think that Anonymous is a force/group for good. They take down bad sites so that kids can't see them.

    If we didn't have them we wouldn't know what the government was doing. They take down porn sites and all of that stupid stuff. If they wanted to be Americas leaders or wherever they are I personaly would support them what about you.? So yes I think Anonymous is a good thing.

  • It depends on the situation.

    I think Anonymous is both good and bad. Since there is no unified leader, each person can stand for either good things or bad things, but they cannot be reflected on the group as a whole. Anonymous is a double sided coin, one which harbors both good AND bad deeds.

  • Good and Bad

    They are good for a few reasons. But a lot of them are bad. Like hacking into us government sites and hacking into psn which cost sony 3.1 million dollars. But they did take down 52 underage porn sites. So I think its between the middle. I personily support them.

  • Good people not bad

    They agree spying on people is wrong which I'm sure everyone will agree, toke down bad sites, and dig up files that the government doesn't want us to know. They may of hacked psn but there not trying to hurt anyone or cause vandalism. Annoymous 99 percent of the time is good so stop insulting there trying to do us a favor.

  • They are good

    There are good because they fight for our freedoms, and whatever else they do. I don't know much about them but I have read about them and they really tend to help in some ways. I'm pretty sure from 6 sites that they are good, and whatever else you think is incorrect, we are legion.

  • They try to do good.

    I can see why people are going against them, but they really don't do much bad. They took down many illegal sites and hacked the Westboro's site for revenge. However, some hacks aren't even from them directly. The people who hacked for the "LULZ" were part of anonymous, but soon left the group and claim to still be part of them. They really don't want to hurt anyone, they don't support violence, but they will if it is necessary to stop the threats.

  • Depending Who Anonymous Is

    Anonymous isn't an established group. There isn't a sign in sheet or a username and password. It's a collection of individuals with likely no connection to one-another vying for what they consider justice. They do good and bad, depending on who you ask. Yes, they published the names of people hosting child pornography, but if you read the reports, they got some of the names wrong. They did a just thing, but made a serious mistake that could have ruined lives.

  • I thinks its bs

    No way I don't agree There are pros and cons they bring. They destroyed several child pornography websites but, they have frequently attacked the government and businesses. And the fact they have no leadership makes it easier to corrupt! One corrupt person could say "McDonald's is against us, they have threatened to sue! We need to retaliate by destroying Ronald mcdonalds hospital for kids donation website! Let's prevent their power from spreading!" And just like that the whole system is corrupt and innocent people are suffering

  • Anonymous Is Bad

    Anonymous is bad and I do not see how anyone could say otherwise. They act very immature online and when they disagree with something, they hack websites and compromise people's businesses. These aren't things that I would classify as good. If Anonymous' intention is to be a force of good, then they are doing a horrible job at it.

  • They Violate People

    How would you feel if they hacked into your website that you spent so long working on? They do what they want. Their masks are scary and their ideas are backwards. How many peoples' lives have they ruined? How many people have been hurt? How many of them became depressed? Just because someone is rich and/or famous doesn't mean they are insecure. The lead singer of Nervana struggled with depression before his suicide. Many famous people have a lot of insecurities that they try to hide. Hacking into their websites, stealing their money, and showing contempt doesn't help them. Anonymous hurts more than it helps.

  • Mostly No, Some Yes

    Some things anon (anoyomous) has done are good, such as the porn closedown etc., but a lot of stuff is just wrong. Hacking for the 'lulz' costing companies millions of dollars just for stupid reasons. It's not right. Of course a lot of people disagree with me, but when you use reason the majority of what they do.
    Ex: A man in maryland said he wished people wouldn't bash his state; they hacked his account and released his address, ss number and other personal stuff.

  • Somewhat Good, but otherwise bad.

    Anonymous claims that America is a police state, but if they truly were a police state there would be no anonymous, the NSA in my opinion is doing a fine job and we should keep it, I do support Anonymous in some ways, like attacking the Westboro Church and Scientology, but Anonymous is being a little hypocritical, as I mean they attack these places that use their freedom of speech, and these places are left alone by the government because of Freedom of Speech, but claim that the government has taken that away. They also claim that America is stripping away their rights and such, but if they want to really not be in free countries such as America, UK, and the Netherlands they should move to Syria or China-oh wait......
    They don't have freedoms such as Anonymous, then they claim they are being mistreated, sure I do believe that alot things needed to be worked out in the world, but we have to do it like civilized people, or else there would be only anarchy.

  • Loud mouth bullies

    Anon have carried out good deeds, this doesn't make them a force for good. IF anything; anon are now a force for censorship and bullying.

    If your opinion differs from the collective, if you're even to the right of center on the political landscape you're a prime target for their bullying and sad little agenda driven collection of misfits.

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  • I'd have to say no.

    At one time, Anonymous took down a companies website, and then said that they need to pay them $10,000 a month or your website will stay down. The company eventually went bankrupt and that meant jobs were lost and that effects peoples lives. You can't tell me that they are the good guys if they are doing that.

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