• It's not a good organization, it's a GREAT organization.

    We've had two of the worst presidents EVER back to back. Liberal Bush and border line Communist Obama, the least transparent president in U.S. History. Anything we can to to expose the corruption of this evil government is not only a great service to the American people, but a God given duty. Anonymous supports the likes of patriots like Snowden, Manning and Assange.

    They have hacked into and shut down websites for the Church of Scientology (world's largest cult), child pornography sites, the Westboro Baptist church, the U.S. And North Korean governments, the Motion Picture Associate of America and many, many other evil entities.

  • Fighting Evil Everywhere

    Anonymous has proven itself to be a force to good. It has busted child porn started protests in Turkey, and supports Wikileaks, an organization that fights for freedom of information. Anonymous has never committed an act of violence, all of its protests are peaceful and they always advocate social reform. Anonymous exposes corruption within governments all around the world, and continues to be a symbol for change for the better.

  • Yes they are

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  • Equalizers of the Internet

    Two disgusting words: Kody. Maxson. And two more actually important words: Amanda Todd. Because I have to: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q

  • Anonymous; a good organization gone wrong

    I support the ORIGINAL IDEALS of Anonymous, sadly, these ideals are twisted and ignored. Yes, anonymous has taken down the site of the Westboro baptist church, yes, they support wikileaks, and Snowden, but keep in mind, that, no matter how much you despise the WBC, they do have a right to protest, no matter how offensive their cause and methods may be. "Liberal Bush, borderline communist Obama" who are you? Rush Limbaugh? Keep in mind that all of the NSA stuff, among other things, occurred under bush as well. I see no signs of extreme (or any) socialism in president Obama's policies, I see a bunch of butthurt conservatives spreading meaningless slander. Your personal political opinions aside; Anonymous is far from peaceful, as Denial of service attacks are the closest thing you can get to violence on the web, as DDoSes can cause serious damage to servers, as well as financial damage to corporations, if you value privacy and free speech, which you two do based upon your statements in favor of wikileaks and against the NSA, then you should look elsewhere for people to support, those involved with anonymous dox people regularly, which is to say, reveal large amounts of personal information, as far as free speech, you eliminate any claims to support free speech as soon as you DDoS a site, your new claim should have a footnote saying "as long as I agree with what you are saying." Originally, yes, anonymous was good, but their uncontrollable mob of fun-seeking SkidMonkeys. Their manifesto, which I am sure all have read fragments of, states "Our standalone complex is built, there is no leader, we already know what to do, you demanded it by your careless actions. We are an autonomous collective" even states them as having no leader. How then, if they are legion, as also is stated, can they have any control over what is done in their name. The members do whatever interests them, and they are not confident enough in the good of those interests to publicly state them as their own, hence, anonymous. Their disregard and attack of copyright organizations shows that they support the financial ruin of others. Take Kevin Macleod for instance, he makes his money by composing royalty free music (incompetech.Com), he has had many battles where larger companies have claimed his music to be their own, if copyright did not exist, he would be screwed. What about software, yes its a pain to pay for, and generally very overpriced, but we would not have it at all if it had to be given for free, the motivation to make great products, and the ability to have projects larger than one person is all based upon the funding sales provide. Anonymous seeks to deny all from making a living off the internet, and seeks to have fun at the expense of other's freedom of speech, and privacy, the very things that they claim to advocate for.

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