• Society is the blame.

    Society's promotion of a thin body causes women to develop a distorted body image which can and would lead to Anorexia. It's a shame that media and society has to push all this pressure on all these beautiful women and girls. I also think that they should have both skinny and bigger girls on ad's and TV and such to show these girls you can be beautiful no matter what.

  • I would never have thought that I was fat if it wasn't for magazines.

    Anorexia is mainly caused by the media but I wouldn't say all anorexics are anorexic because of the media. The fact that the media selectively chooses only skinny models are making women conscious of how they look, with all the "Hottest Women of the Year" and what not. They then make use of these women to promote gyms or weight loss products. I have lost count on the amount of guilt I have put myself through while having dinner with the family and it's because these models tell the media that they have only eaten healthy and that's why they're number one on the list. It's quite hard to not be pressured by the media when it is backed up by multimillion dollar beauty companies trying to make us feel self-conscious so that they can sell their product to us.

  • Yes it cause of the media lacking diversity and creating a standard beauty that is unrealistic

    The media is very powerful and has a huge influence in the world . We are surrounded by models in the magazines that tells us that skinny is the only way that you can beautiful . Which is not true. The media fails to show real people in different sizes and curves.

  • I'm not sure

    I guess it is because people feel pressured to look like the people in the magazines. When people see gorgeous people with stick thin bodies in the papers, of course everyone wants to look like that too! That's just human nature.

    But then again, I'd absolutely love to look like that too and yet I do not have anorexia. Plus, if that is what magazines have to do to sell their stuff - should we blame them for that? They have to make a living? If that's what we buy, and if that's what we want to see, should we blame ourselves?

  • There are many causes

    The media does have a role to play in anorexia nervous. But it is not the sole cause. There are many other factors like peer pressure, particular sports and activities, influence of parents, fashion trends and so on.

    Even the obesity epidemic is a cause, because many people are so frightened of becoming fat.

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