• Anorexia is curable.

    Anorexia is definitely curable. Anorexia can be cured by eating. The mental aspect of this condition can be
    reversed with extensive counseling and therapy to improve a patient’s
    self-image. I believe that the
    prevalence of anorexia is exaggerated and most eating disorders are socially
    motivated and easily treated and overcome.

  • Anorexia is curable.

    Anorexia is a psychological condition and it can be treated with counseling. Whatever the psychological problem is that causes anorexics to diet, a trained doctor can find the cause and help patients to address them. Medications may also be prescribed to help with mental illnesses that might be leading to these problems.

  • I think manageable not curable

    I think that it is very much down to the individual. Some may be able to find a cure through therapy etc. Some I think will always have the condition. My daughter has had the therapies and the drugs but she soon slips back into the thought processess which drive her to diet. But happilly some sufferers do overcome this illness.

  • Im not 100% on this

    I just think that it can be managed. I've talked to many a people who have eating disorders long into adult hood and they say they still have the urges and the thoughts but its been so long that they can manage the feelings. So in short no it can not be cured. Yes it can be managed.

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