• AMI go home!

    And it should be growing! AMI go home! Stop warmongering. USA ambassadors and politicians should stop telling EU politicians what to do and what to think. We are NOT USA slaves. More and more people are waking up. And the USA should also stop destabilizing countries in the Middle East, because then all refugees will keep flooding Europe! Americans should just go home and start taking care of their own problems, draught in California, 70 million people on food stamps!!!

  • Europes anti-American obsession

    I'm European and I can tell you that anti-Americanism is unfortunately growing in Europe. Lies and conspiracy theories are being launched by french Communist groups , extreme leftwingers and muslim extremists. These theories accuse the United States of causing the war in Ukraine, and other stuff. It's a very serious problem for the future relations between Europe and the United States. Let's hope the current turns back in favour of the USA.

  • Europeans dislike Americans generally.

    There is definitely anti-Americanism growing in Europe now. It seems to have subsided when President Obama was first elected, but as always, Europe will always find something to gripe about when it comes to the United States. It's always been this way. For example, they've been saying we have no culture since the 1700s.

  • Anti-Americanism European Countries

    I personally think that anti-Americanism is a growing sentiment among European countries the reason being is because of the opposite as well as the hostility within the European countries. I personally think that anti-Americanism is a growing sentiment among European countries because of what they considered as well as what they accomplished.

  • Europe Has Their Own Problems

    Europeans have their own problems and shouldn't worry about Americans whatsoever. Yes, American companies caused the Great Recession. Yes, American mortgage lenders were horrible when the housing bubble burst. Austerity measures in Europe had to happen after the Great Recession started, which led to many angry Europeans. However, Europe's economy needs to strengthen first before any anti-American sentiment can filter into European consciousness.

  • Not so much.

    I currently live in Prague, and I don't notice any significant anti-Americanism over here. Sure, people have their only-half-true pre-conceived notions about Americans, but I haven't really faced any significant prejudice, maybe just in the form of being charged more at dinner one place because they think I'm rich and won't care. It's kind of half-and-half.....I had one ticket inspector guy in the metro be a total jerk to me about showing him my ticket until I showed him my American passport. That said, it probably depends on the country. I don't think France likes us very much, or some Eastern European countries, maybe. Haters gonna hate, whatever :D.

  • Americans are viewed in many different positive ways

    America is a great country to live in and you have a lot of different people who migrate here for a better life. You can never assess the thinking of every human being but living in America and having the chance to succeed is a worldwide perception among many people outside the United States.

  • A world power

    No, there is no growing dislike of America growing in the European countries. We are still viewed as the most powerful and wealthiest country on Earth, and people still come over by the millions to see and visit different parts of our country, and we are looked up upon by everyone.

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