Is anti-Irish racism prevalent in the United Kingdom?

  • Yes, it is

    The Irish are looked at as they always have been, a bunch of violent drunks. The alcohol part is simply due to a long standing stereotype, the violence has been promoted by groups in Northern Ireland in particular that frequently unleash terrorist attacks. The result is a group of people that there is still prejudice against.

  • Racism is everywhere

    Yes, I think that anti-Irish racism is occurring in England today, and I think that it always will. Every country has their own race that they look down upon and view as a lesser people than themselves. That is just part of life in this world that will always be here.

  • Not As Bad As It Used to Be

    Older generations of Brits might have racist attitudes towards the Irish based upon violence of the IRA days of the 1970s and 1980s. Those memories are still raw in the minds of an entire generation of baby boomers. However, younger generations may not be so prejudiced. Racism against the Irish is waning thanks to a generation of peace with our young people.

  • On Par With Black Racism In The United States

    If a person would truly like to understand anti-Irish racism in the United Kingdom, yet they are not from the area and know little about, they may have a more common understanding if they compared it to the racism experienced by blacks in the United States. While it was far more common in the past, there are still people who hold these views, unfortunately, and they sometimes make their opinion known, even though they shouldn't. The same could be said for either of these examples.

  • Anti-Irish Sentiment Not Huge In UK

    Despite the past, anti-Irish racism is harder to find in the United Kingdom today than in days past. The fact of the matter is that Irish people share the same standing in the United Kingdom as other types of people. With that in mind, anti-Irish sentiment was big in the past.

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