• Not so much anti-Irish as anti-ginger.

    At my school, people make ginger jokes all the time. For some reason, people went around saying "Gingers have no souls." One of my best friends is a ginger, and I know that it bothers him. While most of this is joking and harmless, adults wouldn't call it harmless if the jokes were anti-black. As most gingers are Irish (or some other Celtic ethnic like Scottish), you could argue that there is anti-Irish racism.

  • Anti-Irish Racism prevalent

    I personally think that the Anti-Irish racism prevalent is not in the United because it is a race that's in England. I personally think that it could affect some people in the United States as well as other people's families. I personally think that Anti-Irish racism has mostly affected England.

  • No, but it used to be prevalent.

    Back when Irish people first started settling in the United States, they were considered non-whites. Often this stemmed from the fact that they were of a poorer class than people who came from England. That being said, now the United States pretty much has grouped anyone from European background as being "white," so we don't even think about the various countries that people originally came from.

  • No, I do not believe racism against Irish is prevalent in the United States.

    I do not believe racism against Irish is prevalent in the United States. People of Irish descent in the United States seem to be free of the discrimination other groups still face. However, anti-Irish sentiment is much stronger in the United Kingdom due to conflict over the partition of Ireland.

  • We are racist towards other groups more.

    No, anti-Irish racism is not prevalent in the United States, because if it exists, it only exists in small pockets, and is not systemic across the United States as a whole. Anymore, the Irish are not a huge part of the population. People's attention has turned more towards blacks and whites, or Muslims in terms of racism and classifications based on the arbitrary characteristics of race.

  • Anti-Irish racism is not prevalent in the United States.

    Anti-Irish racism is not prevalent in the United States. At least I do not think so because as far as I know we all seem to be getting along and the issue of race seems to no longer be a general population problem. I do not think that there are anti-Irish racism in the United States.

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