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  • Judaism is Semitism.

    Yes, anti-Judaism is the same as anti-Semitism, because anti-Semitism is just a broader form of anti-Judaism. The people who are anti Jew but are not anti Semitic, just hate a slightly smaller group of people. It is the same extremist hate, no matter how you look at it. Anti Judaism is just as dangerous as anti Semitism.

  • Anti-Judaism is not the same as anti-Semitism.

    Anti-Judaism is not the same as anti-Semitism. While Catholics and other Christians may have felt regrettable emotions of prejudice against the Jewish people, Christianity as such did not participate in the anti-Jewish racism of the National Socialist movement. We cannot ignore the difference which exists between anti-Semitism, based on theories contrary to the constant teaching of the Church on the unity of the human race and on the equal dignity of all races and peoples, and the long-standing sentiments of mistrust and hostility that we call anti-Judaism, of which, unfortunately, Christians also have been guilty.

  • Anti-Judaism is opposition to the Jewish religion, anti-Semitism is opposition to the Jewish race.

    Jews can be followers of the religion Judaism or members of the Jewish ethnicity. Anti-Judaism would be opposition primarily to the Jewish religion, and not necessarily the Jewish race. Anti-Semitism by contrast is opposition to the Jewish race, regardless of religious beliefs. Naturally both can overlap, and often do, but they are not the same.

  • There are some differences

    Anti-semitism tends to be lumped with all of the horrible things that have happened to the Jewish people simply for being Jewish. It was more of a ethnic thing than a religious thing. Anti-judaism is more being against the religion specifically, not the people behind it. Both are wrong, but it's a bit different.

  • Not Exactly The Same

    Anti-Judaism could simply mean a person does not believe in the religion, which is fair, since many people are not affiliated with Judaism and may see many holes in its teachings. I may not like Christianity and my beliefs don't directly harm anyone. I certainly don't go around burning down churches or yelling at people as they leave church. Anti-Semitism, however, is far worse because it is a direct hate towards the followers of Judaism, which is much worse, as history has shown us. So, I do not believe the terms anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism are synonymous.

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