• Something needs to be done

    I happen to be familiar with online ebook selling industry, and yes, something needs to be done about pirating. I have talked to authors whose books have been pirated and sold illegally, or made available for free downloads. These authors are being robbed, plain and simple. They have invested time, effort, and money (editing and cover design costs a lot), and now some jerks think they can just steal the book. That is a crime, and it has to be dealt with.

  • Yes it is.

    Yes it is necessary because many people contribute to the online piracy. It is a shame that people can not be trusted with the Internet not to steal work or songs from people and other online content but that is just how it is. People want the work and do what they can to get it, so that makes the gov. have to come down hard on us.

  • Yes, we need more laws relating to online piracy.

    There is way too much thievery going on, online. While we all know about illegal music and movie downloads, something not covered a lot is how many people create their own websites or blogs and post information they have seized from other websites, books, etc., like recipes or articles. This is actually a form of copyright infringement, but people don't know or care. We need more strict laws on the books about what people are allowed to do online, and also an agency to turn to in instances where we notice someone stealing content.

  • If it is enforced, It's not going to work.

    Even if it's against the law, people are still doing it. And it's futile because:
    a) People will set up proxies so that they can pirate software undetected.
    B)Most software has an unusually high price tag, and high prices usually don't equal more sales.
    C) Most piracy sites are little-known, and hard to detect.

  • No, anti-online piracy legislation is not needed.

    Anti-online piracy legislation is not needed because people are going to copy programs and music even if you create a task force trying to stop them. It really is a waste of money to develop legislation to protect piracy. You would be better off saving that money and directing it to other programs that are in more need.

  • Piracy Legislation Is Enough

    I do not believe we need additional laws on piracy for the Internet. Piracy was a problem before the Internet and there are several laws against it already. It shouldn't really matter how someone pirates the material, in order to persecute them. Therefore, additional laws for online piracy would be redundant.

  • No it is not!!!

    I love online piracy, I think it is a good thing, I wish online piracy was fully legal, so I could download whatever I wanted non stop, I like piracy so much that they don't need anti-piracy laws, When can piracy be legalized, please!!!, they also need to abolish DMCA as well.

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