• Yes, Do the Anti-Semites actually realize Many Jews don't like being Jewish either

    While I'm a Christian myself, I've known several non-religious Jews who didn't like being Jewish, They hated being told that they "look Jewish" and sometimes they even denied being Jewish, People like David Duke are obsessive anti-semitic Losers, Do they even realize that Many Jews don't like being Jewish either, That many Jews are self-hating Jews, Did Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II, Did they realize that Many Jews didn't like being Jewish either,

  • Anti-semitism is a real problem in the world today.

    Anti-semitism is a real problem in the world today. Although anti-semitism is no longer a major problem in European countries like it was in the past such as In Germany and other fascist regimes, anti-semitism is very much alive and problematic in the Middle East. Countries such as Palestine, Syria, Iran, and Lebanon or very critical against Israel and promote genocide towards Jews In the middle east. Anti-semitism may not be official government programs in major European nations, but it is hard to imagine that it doesn't exist on a smaller scale among individuals. America also has neo-nazi and other anti-semetic groups who gather and are promoting anti-semetic views through their activities.

  • Yes, people will just hate

    Its always going to be an issue. They need people to blame for something they don't understand. If people are different they will persecute them. Its not going to push the world to another Holocaust,but its still not a good thing to be in certain parts of the world. It will get better,but never fixed.

  • Not everywhere is as friendly as America

    Anti-semitism is not constrained to national borders. While America may make light of the subject in various sitcoms and animated comedy series this is generally because just being Jewish isn't a de facto reason to cause an outlash - and accordingly joking about is seen as socially acceptable. Contrast this to the way a Jewish person would be treated in the Middle East - especially countries that forbid anyone with an Israeli passport or with an Israeli stamp in their passport from entering - and anti-semitism is much more clearly revealed.

  • The divide is always rich and poor

    Color, religion, culture they are all covers the real issue has always been money. Money brings power and power is a drug once experienced very hard to let go.

    The greedy will always find a way to get rich, no matter what nationality or race or religion they are. Even within siblings the one who is greedy will become rich.

  • Not All Over

    I do not believe anti-semitism is a real problem in the world today, at least not all areas of the world. I've never personally heard anyone in my vicinity of the world say anything near to be anti-semitic. In the Midweat, it simply doesn't happen. While I'm sure there are areas that need help, there are some places where it doesn't happen at all.

  • No, I don't think anti-semitism is a real problem in the world today.

    I believe that overall anti-semitism is declining worldwide as society's continue to modernize, I think that it will always be an issue but Governments are imposing more and more laws that severely punish people who actually try to harm people over this, I think the problem is on the decline and will continue to be.

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