• Is this a real question?

    The definition of racism should not be added here. However, let's review: racism is an offense of hate-speech, threats, and other issues relating to power and control over easily identified religious, ethnic, gender and sexuality based people and groups. The very fact this question is raised is troubling. On the other hand, educate yourself.

  • Anti-semitism is racism.

    Anti-semitism is racism. It is no different than any other form of racism. It is prejudicial thoughts and actions toward a specific group of people based solely on their religion or color of their skin. Some people that have anti-semitism do not even know if the group they are prejudiced against, are racially jewish or religiously jewish.

  • It is hate based on birth.

    Yes, anti-semitism is racism, because it is hating a person based on characteristics that they cannot help. A person cannot help that they are born Jewish. That is no different than being born white or black or purple. Anti-semitism is racism, because it is a way to hate someone based on an arbitrary characteristic.

  • It's the very definition

    Anti-semitism is a specific form of racism, but it is racism regardless. The argument that it is not comes with the suggestion that the Jewish people are not a race or ethnicity and simply a religion, making anti-semitism a more specific form of bigotry, but since anti-semitism even crosses over to non-practicing Jews, racism seems as accurate a term as any.

  • Absolutely it is

    Jews are definitely a defined group of people of a certain race or ethnicity and beliefs, so being anti semitic seems to be clearly racism. I don't think anyone would claim Hitler was not a racist, and he is history's quintessential example of anti-semitism. This should not even be in doubt.

  • Yes, anti-semitism should be considered racism.

    There are many reasons that the act of anti-semitism, the discrimination against the Jews, should be considered a form of racism.
    First, there are objective reasons to back this claim. A big reason is that most Jewish individuals are literally of Jewish blood. It's not just a religion, they're actual descendants of Jewish families. In order for a person to be a Jew, at least officially, his or her mother must be Jewish. The father can be whatever race or religion, but a mother who is Jewish will always give birth to a Jewish child. It is very difficult for a person who is not born from a Jewish Mother to truly be accepted into Judaism. And as for the most conservative groups like Orthodox Judaism, it's nearly impossible.

    Also objectively speaking, many Jewish individuals physically look similar and have similar last names: many males have naturally curly dark brown or black hair; a lot of names are similar too, like Weinstein, Goldstein, Weinberger , Spielberg, etc.

    Finally, from a subjective standpoint, I believe that any form of discrimination against a group of people should be considered a bad thing. I can't say that a Jury or Judge could convict an individual for being anti-semitic, but I do support the notion that Jewish individuals should be treated with respect. And I do again mention that Jewish people are quite often literally Jewish by family standards.

  • It is racism when it refers to physical/non-religious attributes

    The biggest problem with anti-Semitism as racism is that the term 'racist' is often used to criticise statements that are made which are anti-Zionist, anti-Judaic or anti-Israeli. There needs to be a clear distinction between these concepts, and a recognition that criticism of a religion or the way that a particular country carries out government policyis not racist.

  • Yes it is

    What makes anti Semitic and racism different anti semtic is racism towards jewish people while ra racism towardss every race. Why do the Jewish need their own words about racisim towards them. We do not need several detailed labels about the same thing. Did this word even exsist 10 years ago if so it wasn't such a fuss made about it, like their is for this and everything now. The western world is too political correct.

  • The distinction's harmful

    Anti-Semitism fulfils the same function as racism, and so should not be distinguished from it. Treating anti-Semitism as something other than racism makes it harder to learn lessons from the former that could help in tackling the latter. Example: Trump's proposed Muslim registry has a clear parallel in Jewism persecution.

  • To compare the two is just ridiculous

    Being Jewish is not the same as being born black. In America it is near impossible to be able to tell just by looking at someone if they are Jewish or not. Also, A person can easily stop being Jewish, It happens all the time! Judaism is a religion that can be dropped or picked up at anytime, Just like any other religion. People who are not black have no business encroaching on the lived experiences of black people. You can’t relate no matter how much you try so stay in your lane. Also, Black people can’t be antisemitic, So just stop. Black people don’t have access to the same power, And privileges that Jews have access to, Therefore they cannot systematically oppress anyone else as they have been oppressed. Using that terminology to try to silence black people is unethical.

  • Misuse of language.

    This is a debate about misuse of language not about hate speech... Antisemitisim is a form of bigotry like racism, but by definition they are different, mainly because judaism is a religious belief not a race of people, you choose or are indoctrinated into your religion, you cannot choose your race, the has been historically so much hate towards the Jewish faith that it actually has its own word but it is still not racism, the semitic people are part of the Caucasian race.

  • Anti semitism might be but does not have to be racist.

    Anti semitism might grow on different grounds, and one of them is certainly racism; the best known example of anti semitism, i.e. the German Nazi one, was very much racist. However, anti semitism might result also from concepts. For instance, the Spanish Traditionalists considered the Jews the apostles of rotten bourgeoisie capitalism. The interesting point is that the Traditionalists were also vehemently anti-racist, the result of their conflict with racism-driven Basque nationalism. The Traditionalist stand is an example of ant-racist anti semitism.

  • Bigotry is vile.

    And all examples anti-semitism I have learnt about rightly should be condemned under that definition of bigotry. But why should we distinguish anti-semitism from racism ? Well it's important to highlight that ones race is simply their ethnicity or skin colour. Ones race does not cause anyone to do right or wrong, but ones cultural and religious beliefs does influence behaviour. While I will unquestionably say challenging somebody on their race is always unacceptable, there are examples in modern society when we need an adult debate on how cultural tendencies and religious interpretations impact in a negative way. Recent sex abuse and grooming by individuals of certain cultural backgrounds is one example. By simply conflating race with religion/culture we put a barrier to that debate.

  • Judaism is just a supremacist religion/cult.

    Jews are just followers of the Religion/cult of Judaism, it has NOTHING to do with being a Semite or indeed a Hebrew, most Jews are of European descent (Ashkenazi) therefore have ZERO claim or reason to hide behind Anti-Semitism laws EVERY SINGLE TIME that their religion/cult is called out for atrocities, such as the Genocide this Cult of people (jews) are inflicting on the REAL SEMITE Palestinian peoples, or their over representation of our banks, political system (Zionism), military, media, Hollywood, Why should ANYONE NOT associated with Judaism like or respect such a Cult of people /mind-set?, it is supremacist and excludes non jews (Talmud), anti muslim is closer to anti-Semitism anyway, at least they tend to be a REAL ARABS.

  • Judaism is a religion

    While another ugly form of prejudice, as a religion, one simply cannot label antisemitism as racist. DNA samples of Palestinians and long time indigenous residents of Israel (pre-'47 and beyond) have no genetic differentiation. Judaism is one of the three monotheistic religions (Christianity and Islam being the others). No Christian fundamentalist would complain of racism if someone insulted Christianity (they'd be angry, sure, but never would use this word).

  • Anti Semitic sentiments are a very ugly form of prejudice and discrimination but it is not racism.

    Racism is an economic construct which is a bi-product of Slavery or similar systems. Racism implies the ability of one dominant group of a particular race having the power to retard, prevent and cause the suppression of economic prosperity, cultural recognition and integration of another racial group because of their race. Jewish persons though ethnicely separate still are part of the dominant racial group and have unfettered access to the the economic means to ensure or enable economic prosperty. Prejudice can occur but racism goes beyond this.

  • Judaism is a religion. Not a race.

    I could become a jew tomorrow. If I choose to join the religion. I notice that to be anti- israel also seems to attract shouts of anti-semitism. Israel commit atrocious war crimes and murder thousands of Palestinians. They deserve criticism but hide behind the race/anti-semitism card. Be careful not to allow israel to get away with their actions by being too scared to upset some religious twits. I support Ken and despise the israeli propaganda machine.

  • Can I marry an Asian and become Asian by converting to Asianism?

    Of course not, case closed. I have wondered iif organized religion might be a creation of the Devil. The god I know would never want such horrible things to be done in his name as organized religion has, including the Jews. So my dislike of all religion applies to Jewish people the same as Muslims and Christians. On the other hand I am against any form of discrimination based on skin color. Only the actions of peolpe is worth condemnation.

  • Anti-semitism is not racism (usually).

    To be "racially Jewish" would mean you primarily descend from the biblical Israelites - this is impossible nowadays because the Israelites were such a small group. However, while the "Jewish race" doesn't exist, Semitic people do. Semitic people are ethnically Middle Eastern or African, but most of these people do not practice Judaism.

    Therefore there are few people who are both religiously Jewish and ethnically Jewish. By and large - antisemitism stems from Judeo-Christian conflict. It is simply Judaist religious persecution - or persecution based on family ties to Judaism. It has almost nothing to do with race nowadays.

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