Is any reduction of American military might an indicator that the USA is becoming more of a foreign policy dove and less of a hawk?

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  • The American Military is still an axe weilding warrior.

    Reduction in troops and equipment is not indicative of a lesser effective military. The US Military conquered Iraq in a few days. That needs to be used as an example of how powerful our military actually is. We did it with fewer troops then the Iraqi's had, but better equipment. When it comes to the modern military, Quality really does trump Quantity. A trained Battalion of Americans can decimate a division (thats four times the size at least) of the next best fighting force in a matter of hours. This is not bragging. This is superior firepower backed with experience and training.

  • Sword is still a sword no matter who wields it.

    The reduction of military might is an indication of financial problems, not necessarily bad ones. A government can have fifty special forces and another government can have a thousand army recruits. Neither situation is an indication of what the government is willing to do with that military might. It is the wielder's purpose, use and motivation that constitutes the might of the military. One year the government can withhold the military and in another year, they can wield it. How they use it will define its political and military might.

  • No, it isn't

    The amount of military the United States currently has is so far beyond what is needed that a reduction in it isn't going to make people think any less of the power the nation has. A reduction in military spending would show some common sense from America at this point, not weakness.

  • We are Simply Changing Specialties

    The United States Military is not becoming less capable and is actually evolving with modern warfare. The Obama Administration's ideal military wields a scalpel rather than a sledge hammer and that is really the future of warfare. Conservatives don't seem to understand that still accommodating the old-fashioned idea of using overwhelming force.

    The budget cuts only target the Regular Army, not the Navy or any other branches. In fact, some of the money that is going to be cut from the Army's budget is actually going to go to the Navy to purchase more ships. So our military doesn't seem to actually be shrinking in any way. Some of the money from the Army budget is also going to go to expand cyberwarfare capability, military training, upgrading equipment, among other things.

    Ultimately, the United States Military, if anything, is becoming more capable on the modern battlefield. Chuck Hagel has expressed America's desire to have our allies take a larger part in defending UN and NATO interests, but that is not likely to happen, at least not to a significant extent. The United States will continue to be a hawk and will definitely continue to be the world's indisputable military superpower.

  • No, any reduction of American military might is not an indicator that the USA is becoming more of a dove and less of a hawk.

    Military spending levels are at higher levels now than they were while we were still fighting two wars. After the Iraq war was officially over, there was no reduction in the budget for the military. Now, as the Afghanistan war winds down, reduced spending is inevitable, but this does not change the policy of the military or nature of the military, it just means costs are reduced for the time being.

  • Not at all

    No, we are not becoming more like a dove at all. We are still the hawk, and we are still the most powerful nation that is on this earth today. We can take our military and win against any other military in the world, so we are not a dove.

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