• Yes, many people are comfortable with Donald Trump

    Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, and while I believe an egomaniac has no place serving as President of the United States, he has a very loyal following that is surprisingly high in number, meaning that many Americans are very comfortable with him as Commander in Chief of our country.

  • Yes, some people are comfortable with Donald Trump.

    Yes, some people are comfortable with Donald Trump. The Ku Klux Klan and the rest of the white supremacy movement seems to be thrilled that Donald Trump was elected president. Vladimir Putin and the rest of the Russian government also seem very happy that they were able to manipulate the American election to get Trump elected.

  • Some people think he's great.

    Donald Trump has some positive qualities. He took his message straight to the people during his campaign. Trump has a way of communicating that really resonates with the middle class. He has been positive about the things that he is going to do for business. These people are comfortable with Trump and his agenda.

  • No, the general public is not comfortable with Donald Trump.

    No, even supporters of the president-elect are not necessarily comfortable with Donald Trump. Although some people may like his direct nature and subscribe to some of his promises, the reality is that there are some aspects of his proposed policies and tactics that are generally disturbing and cannot possibly please every individual.

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