Is anyone else tired of all the polls that get repeated like three times a day?

Asked by: TheOncomingStorm
  • Yes yes yes!

    There are too many religion opinions, legalization of gay marriage opinions, and abortion opinions. Everyone just go to the original, it's all the same topic! I think that those debates are interesting, but when they've been repeated ten times, then it just gets dreary. We need ONE for every ONE topic. Having five polls all asking "Atheism or Christianity?" doesn't accomplish anything!

  • Please and thank you

    I understand that some topics are important to certain people, and they will guard it like a baby. We honestly are just showing a lack of creativity. My philosophy is "if you don't have something new to ask a question about, don't ask it." That's why it annoys me when the same question gets asked every day.

  • Just for fum

    I dont spend enough time to see every poll that goes by, so if important questions are asked multiple times, i am more likely to see it come up. Sorry to all you people who have the time to follow most things, but i am not tired of it... Yet

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Black_Cap says2013-11-22T13:46:35.520
I'm so confused right now. Are rhetorical questions in a debate site intended to be answered? Are we all edgy and ahead of the curve that we can pull this off?