• I am sick of that fat spam guy

    He just spammed two debates "Sign my petition. " and "FIX E-MAIL VERIFICATION NOW please. Comment yes if you also demand they fix it. " He is such a spammy idiot clogging up the debate section with his S*** debates on debate. Org. Mommy needs to step in and smack his a$$ up

  • Yes I’m tired of him

    He always complains after mommy gives him whatever he wants and now he can’t create an account on debate. Org and he’s throwing a hissy fit constantly spamming on the stupid opinion section, He ruined debate. Org and everything! Stupid idiot needs to get a life and go get a job and give his mom some of the money. Stupid jerk!

  • Hi I'm the "fat spammer".

    Let me tell you a bit about myself: I've never posted anything other than a real debate on opinions until now. I am a guy with an opinion who wants to debate it and I want them to fix debate. Org and I'm sure I'm speaking for other people too. I am not Jamie This whole "fat idiot" campaign started with "should we kick the fat IDIOTS" but they where all bunched into one, And the guy who posted "should they ban visitor post" himself did not have an account (why do we always say he? ) do you expect to keep posting until people forget your hypocrisy? I hope the Debate. Org monitors take notice of my problem verifying my account and fix it. If you want to comment please do I'll try to get back to you once I have an account. Thanks :)

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