• He has the motives, means, and capacity

    He is absolutely a warlord. He and his rebels massacred countless people over a property dispute. He is a monster hiding behind the rich, "for the people" pose. His rebels seem to be driven by his command and there have been many claims that he is hoarding weapons to possibly rise higher in the Phillipene culture. Aside from his genocidal tendencies, he brainwashes young girls. That sounds like a cult, warlord

  • Yes, Apollo Quiboloy is a warlord.

    Apollo Quiboloy has been declared a warlord by the NPA. It is my belief that they are correct in declaring him a warlord. He has been sued by a former member of his church, the person claims he brainwashed her young daughter. He is thought to have been behind the massacre of Datu Domingo Diarog and his family because he would not sell his land to Quiboloy. Quiboloy is a delusional man that believes he is above the law and he can do whatever he wants to.

  • He definitely is

    Apollo Carreon Quiboloy, is the founder and leader of the Philippines-based Restorationist church 'the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.' . He has made claims that he is the 'Appointed Son of God', which is itself insane, but he also has funded and commanded a militia accused by opponents of huge massacres.

  • Has Lots of Weapons

    Apollo Quiboloy proclaims himself to be a spiritual warlord in Christianity. He later armed many of his people with M-16 rifles in response to the New People's Army assertion that Quiboloy has harassed and killed many people. The cultist-type leader seems willing to die for his beliefs which may one day happen if he keeps up his dogma against other political forces in The Philippines.

  • A religous man

    No, this man is not a war lord, he is a religous leader, and is after peace not war. He is simply trying to make a lot of money, and get a lot of people to believe in the religion that he preaches. He does not try to start wars.

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