Is Apollo Quiboloy responsible for the murder of K’lata-Bagobos leader Datu Domingo Diarog?

  • Of course Quiboloy is responsible for the murders.

    Quiboloy don't take no for an answer, and was enraged by not getting his will and ordered Diarog killed. It's obvious that Quiboloy is suspect no 1 and should be investigated. That man is dangerous and scams people all over the world for money, even in my country with is Norway

  • He is the leader.

    Yes, Apollo Quilboloy is responsible for the murder of K'lata-Bagobos leader Datu Domingo Diarog, because he is the leader of a cult. Quilboloy encourages extreme behavoir. A person cannot preach the things that he does and then not be held responsible when other people act on them. He has talked about arming citizens to fight, making him responsible when his people carry it through.

  • He did it.

    From everything I've read about Apollo Quiboloy and this incident, there is no doubt in my mind that he had a hand in the deaths of K’lata-Bagobos leader Datu Domingo Diarog. Quiboloy sounds like one of those dangerous scam artists who have figured out how to effectively use religion for power and wealth.

  • Apollo Quiboloy is responsible for the murder of K’lata-Bagobos leader Datu Domingo Diarog.

    Apollo Quiboloy is responsible for the murder of K’lata-Bagobos leader Datu Domingo Diarog. He was trying to buy land from K’lata-Bagobos and his family but they refused. Since then he was accused but did not admit or deny the accusation. I think that he killed him because their farm has been burnt down three times since.

  • If Apollo profited from the death, that does not mean he caused it.

    Quiboloy is a religious man. Religion has always been about control. That much is true. Quiboloy is undoubtedly a religious leader for the power and influence it grants. However, that power and influence is exactly why I do not believe that he is responsible for Diarog's death. There are so many other options other than murder. It would be difficult to say that he was not some how linked to the death. He was heavily and controversially involved in large dealings with Diarog just prior to his death. Some misguided disciples may have misinterpreted instructions, or completely acted on their own. However, to instantly point the finger at Quiboloy is presumptuous, and dangerously close to causing conflict and chaos over rumors, whispers, and heresay.

  • A religous leader

    No, this man is not responsible for the murder of the leader. Apollo was a very religious man, and was the founder of a restoration church in Thailand. He wanted nothing but peace and to spread his ideas of religion. If anything he wanted everyone to live a good life.

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