• Apple is original

    Apple were the first to have the original idea of a touch screen phone, and called it the iPhone. After copyrighting it, they were soon to be copied by Samsung. If I was head of Apple, I'd sue Samsung. Also, Apple's technology is sleeker and more efficient than that of Samsung. The Macbook Air is trendy and smart, and Samsung can't compete with that!

  • Apple is WAAYYY better!

    Apple has a much better screen and build and a better looking phone. Samsung is just too wide. They should just stop trying. Go back to making fridges and T.V.S! Apple has way more apps and on samsung tablets, they just make the phone apple bigger! Besides, apple has an easier-to-use interface. Samsung is just confusing.

  • Apple is better

    Apple is better as Samsung has been copying it all the time. You can clearly see how Samsung has completely based it's products on Apple's iPhone, iPad, and even iPod. Apple products don't glitch and they work much faster than Samsung's Products. Has anyone noticed how Samsung even copied Siri after the iPhone 4S was announced?

  • Of course Apple is better

    Apple has the fastest chip in the world which is the A6X chip and Samsung doesn't. Apple has about 50 billion apps and Samsung doesnt. Apple has a wider variety of touch screen products which makes it better. Some of the best things Apple has is iTunes, free text messaging, and the Mac book. Samsung and Apple both have phones and that's where you can tell the difference. Apple phones have a better quality and better functionality. Most people like iPhones. And by the way Apple has IOS 6.

  • It is the best

    Apple is original! Apple was the first to have the original idea of a touch screen phone, and called it the iPhone.
    They were copied by Samsung. Also, Apple's technology is much better and more efficient than Samsung.
    The iPhone is simple and easy to use. The picture quality is far superior! Apple has about so many apps that Samsung doesn’t have.
    We would never have any of this technology without Steve jobs .
    My opinion is:
    After iphone 5c and iphone 5s had come apple was back in the game there was no way Samsung can win this time!]

  • Is this a joke?

    Of course apple is better than android i have an apple and android and by far apple is soo much better than the Samsung.
    Samsung copied the apple iphone design and were suied but got away with it.
    Everyone that has an android says apples are better and everyone with an iphone says its iphones are better except some samsung fanboys

  • Came up with first touch screen technology

    Apple came up with the first touch screen technology and their latest phone iPhone 5s and the iPad air beats any other company wheatear it's for tablet or it's phone. S4 has 2gb of ram while iPhone has 1gb but still Apple beats their s4 in graphics and speed. To find some of samsungs applications you have to click apps and then you can find it while on the iPhone it all there all you have to do is swipe left to right.

  • Of course it is!

    Apple is original. They had the idea of the smartphone before Samsung. The iPhone 5 is more durable than the Samsung s4 and is easier to use. The iPhone is simple and easy to use. The picture quality is far superior. The sleek design is better than Samsung because you can easily use it with one hand. APPLE IS WAY BETTER!

  • Awesome Better and Quality

    Apple is much better than Samsung because well, it has better quality and as you know Quality beats quantity. Also, I believe the 4g and Lte of apple is better ad faster in terms of internet speed. If you like Samsung please drop that "like" and came and join the everlasting amazingness of Apple.

  • Apple is AWESOME! Samsung? Boo

    Firstly, Apple is better because the app story allows you to change stores to other countries. And other countries allow you to download different apps. I once owned a Samsung Galaxy Ace for free because if was part of my plan. Only then I found out how horrible it was. The apps kept shutting down when I tried to open it. Sometimes, Apple app shuts down too but at least I could delete it from history and open again and it will open. I can't even delete history from Samsung phones. Many apps in apple can't be found in Sa,sung and that's horrible,
    Secondly, Samsung copies many smartphones models and just modifies it by a bit to make it 'theirs'. They have already copied Apple with Galaxy ace and Apple alas already sued them. Then we done in terms of how well the product is made. My Dad works for Apple and so I see the internal of each smartphone, the tools are tiny and assembled together is very well.
    Lastly, Apple is soooo much faster, no matter what than Samsung.

  • Samsung feels cheap

    I've had three Samsung smartphones over the last two years, and I hated them. The screens felt low quality, Google Play was fiddly and there were so many bugs. Now I have an iPhone and I LOVE it. The app store is huge and I just can't find anything wrong with it.

  • It's not about popularity

    Sure everyone has an iPhone. Sure everyone wants you to get one. Does that mean they are the best? No. Why should it? It is about quality, not quantity. Have you ever noticed that you can't take the back cover off an iPhone? You can on Samsung phones. This allows you to access the battery and SD cards. This means that in a rough 3 year time zone, your phone battery will fizzle out, and you can't replace it in an iPhone. Most people get an update by then, but some people don't. It's also convenient to take out the battery if your phone is being glitchy. However, Samsungs hardly ever glitch, so it doesn't really matter anyways. You can also add SD cards to a Samsung, meaning you can add a lot of extra storage. The screen resolution, graphics, and UI are better in the Samsung, which isn't a matter of opinion but actual fact. There are more apps to choose from because it can use android apps as well as many iOS iPhone-made apps. My dad actually made me choose a Samsung over an Apple phone. I could go on forever but then I would be wasting my time on the people who refuse to give Samsungs the #1 title. SAMSUNG BEATS APPLE IN PERFORMANCE AND UTILITY.

  • Apple copies Samsung

    It is obvious that with the new released iOs system, the iOS 7... Apple producers have ran out with new ideas and are copying the Samsung company! Proof...Have an iPad in one hand (or any other Apple product) with the iOS 7, and in the other hand a Samsung product...And compare between the two systems! What is something new, that you have never seen in the Apple product? Well, that is nothing, because it was already introduced by Samsung in their products!

  • Samsung is better than apple

    Samsung is better than apple because apple always has like almost the same styles of phones and apple cant even make phones themselves. Samsung makes phones for them and they just have ideas and they are saying that samsung is always copying apple. Samsung also has different types of passwords while apple has only number password

  • Is this really a question?

    Apple has copied all of the leading technologies, released them late and called it their own. Almost all features of an Apple product have copied a previous non-Apple product. In addition, to all you people who say Mac is better than Windows, tell me all the features on a Mac, and then i'll give you a list of all the features on a windows, ten fold.

  • Samsung is Better

    Firstly, Samsung is better than Apple because of the durability of the Phones themselves. The screen on Apple devices is made out of glass, while on Samsung it is made out of durable plastic.

    Secondly, I think the Hardware on the Iphone and Ipad are a bit not to my taste and I much prefer the Android OS.

    Save yourself. Buy an Android.

  • Samsung is Better

    On Samsung phones, you can remove the battery back when or if your phone is acting up. You can also insert a mini SD card, which has more space than the iPhone, which you can only choose the amount of gigabytes (8, 16, 32, or 64) and you are unable to put more space in the phone. Also, when you add music and movies through a computer, you have to go through the whole iTunes process with an iPhone, and with Samsung, you just plug it in, copy, and paste. More recently, iPhone has also copied the Samsung software with their new iOS 7. This has made the phone a Samsung wannabe. In conclusion, I think Samsung is better, having owned a Galaxy S3 for a while now.

  • Samsung is AWESOME

    OK listen people even on this website they say that Samsung is way better than Samsung it beats apple by a huge landslide more than half the world knows that even those people who vote for apple know that Samsung rules no doubt about it ok so 'Keep calm and use SAMSUNG' :)

  • The future of technology.

    Okay Apple did have the first idea of touch screen phones. But did they think how to increase the technology to become more futuristic? Well the answer is no. In @CES 2013, Samsung just announced
    the YOUM flexible. Way MORE advanced than apple, don't you think? In my opinion, Apple didn't advance far since the launch of iPhone 4. Since then, it has been the same.

  • Samsung is definitely better.

    The question here is not on who did it first but rather who revolutionized what the first has did. Yeah, Apple's products are good. Build quality is much better compared to Samsung. However, it looks like iPhone releases a phone with only 3 or 4 qualities different from its predecessor compared to Samsung who tries their best in making every smartphone experience better, faster and more unique than the last one.

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Miranda_Georgiana says2015-03-22T09:46:08.057
This is just winning. APPLE is winning.
Bakshinder says2015-09-28T04:14:34.347
Apple is a Looser.I Respect What apple did to smartphones history by making a touch screen phone but look samsung did'nt stoled any idea from Apple they made a Smartphone with More features than Apple and if you talk about April 8 2011 Patent Case then i want you to know that samsung was not stoled anyting they are trying to make their syncing better with their own technology and in that case Apple Claimed that samsung Stoled their 5 Patented Technology but Judges only Found 3 Patents hardly and in that case apple was Also Caught Of Stealing Samsung's 2 New Technology you can Check it out on Read it All Carefully and by the way Samsung don't need to stole anyone's Technology They Have Their Own Best In The World Technology.In Old Time Apple introduced The Touch Screen and Then Samsung Observed and made a real smartphone.In Reality Samsung Gave the you The Real Smartphones.Smartphone Means a Phone Which is Really Smart Not a Phone which have a Accelrometer or other 3 more sensors and a maximum 8 M.P Camera with all models which have no Removeable battey and you cannot Connect your phon with somebody else.Smartphone means a phone which connect us not disconnect us.Apple just did this same thing All Models with just body changed and with os changed no features but SAMSUNG Changed the World of Smartphones with Amolead Display and With light and EYE sensor wich detects you eye comfort and can scrol down your pages emails etc without touching your phone just by your eye movement and with unbreakable Screen of S4.Awesome 13 M.P Camera with Seamless Features Check Its features on Internet and Now S6 Edge and S6 with 3GB Ram and with many of its features and new Sensors not like apple Design in one night and next day launch it with iphone 1,2,3,4,5,6.With No Features and The Cost is OMG Very High i am never ever gona pay for a Small Phone Which is Just A Iphone and on other hand Samsung with very Low Price and with GREAT Features I am Defineitly Gona Pay for it because that is Smartphone.So EAST AND WEST SMASUNG IS THE BEST.So stop Being Fooled and Google about S4's Features s5,S6 and Feel Who is the boss.RESPECT THE BEST.People Buy apple Beacuse Apple is Became a Status of them Showing that they are Very Rich but now the World Has Changed,Now People Laugh On Them Who Click Pics in front of Mirror.Samsung Work on Everything Perfectly like T.V,Refrigerator,Sound System,etc They Work Like They are born to do this and on the other hand is apple which is already eaten which cannot make a Phone Correctly not even a watch samsung Created some Great Watches at Very Low Price and then apple created a Watch with 2-3 Features with Sky Touching Price.I do't Know Why are you People still Crazy About Apple it id Like Living in Future bur Still Genrating Fire With Stones.Wake Up People and See What is Real.Just for one time please try to compare that Which is Better Phone Samsung S6 or Iphone S6 I Give A Link Please visit and See The Comparison and if you talk about Design Then Google That S6 Edge and Then Talk To Me and if you talk about S4 Vs Iphone 6 then Check it out How Tough this 2 Year old Phone Kicked Iphone 6 Out,Samsung-Galaxy-S4/phones/8346,7597 If S4 Which is Launched 2 Years ago can Beat Iphone Then What Can a S6 do Samsung Putted Future's Technology 2 Years ago and till now Iphone is not able to tie that Technology and now tell me that why samsung need to stole that old technology so guys stop Being Fool and in that tutorial some S4'S Featues are not Included so you will have to google for S4's Sensor Featues and Then Iphone.IPHONE IS A LOOSER,BOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO! Now Choose What you Choose,Future or Looser.It Depends on You
Bakshinder says2015-09-28T04:17:44.097
And one last thing Samsung Openly Challanged Apple for Company Shutdown only some people know that the bet is if Apple Wins then Samsung Will Close its Company and if Samsung Wins Then Apple will Close its Company and in that Challange Apple Got scared because he Knows What is Going To Happen and Apple Refused.This Shows That What is Apple Capable Of
vishnu87 says2015-10-08T08:37:24.703
Apple first 3 generations were excellent. But after that there is not much innovations. They are using the same features that we saw in other mobiles earlier or recently.
One thing..The iOS ecosystem is the best and for getting that we are paying 900 usd. They haven't upgraded the camera, Ram, GB'S for years. Even now they are selling 16gb I phones with 4k video feature. Most of the flagship phones are using the same unibody technology with 3gb -4gb rams, 3gb, 13 -24 MP cams, Quad HD screens, High end processors of Qualcomms, Dual SIM, Water Resistance (even for moto g),
Fingerprint scanners, Heart Beat sensors, PC like connectivity (950 lumia ), Edge screens, Bigger Batteries..Etc.All these feature phones we get for half price. Apple still uses same hardware components for generations, may be because of their excellent iOS optimizations. Since iPhone 6 they haven't upgraded cam, Ram, display, battery. But the price is somewhat higher for each generations. The 2 features live image is from lumia. And the 3d touch Huawei has already shown the same feature. So is that the real innovation we need from the Apple. I think after Steve Jobs there is not much innovations. Also in one of the site it is mentioned that for making an iPhone it cost least than 300usd. I am still having a doubt is there any additional features/innovations in apple that worth the remaining 600usd
Irene_mo says2019-01-17T23:04:13.673
From my point of view Samsung is cheaper than Apple, And this is important for many pursachers. Moreover, Samsung have a lot of mobile phone models. However, Apple has the best desing of mobile phone, Although samsung is reaching them in recent times. About the operating system, I prefer android, But I think it is a personal choice.
Summing up, In relation quality price Samsung is better than Apple.

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