Is Apple Computer Right In Starting A Lawsuit Against The FBI?

Asked by: carter_rogers
  • There must be a line.

    We stand at a pivotal point in out history here not as dynamic as many in our past but as strong as any we can have today when concerning our privacy. There must be a line drawn and although I agree the government should have the right to see the information they should also gave limits set.
    We see many things in our live many good many nice but these easy found routes are not always indicative of what is right.
    And i believe this is one of those points. Apple should pursue this lawsuit because it needs t laws set in place that protect them as a company, as well as to ensure the government can not creep it way past a point in the future where they can without repercussion violate our rights.
    Apple is not acting here for our privacy by saying the terrorist deserves privacy, but is instead saying before i can give you what you want we must first decide the terms of your request as to not be taken advantage of in the future.

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