Is Apple making a big difference in their products?

Asked by: awesomepancakes
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  • All the same

    I have had several of their devices; although each is a solid device, there hasn't been any real improvements. They boast better cameras, faster processors, and new tech but haven't delivered on any exceptional changes. They are obviously doing something right because they still dominate the market, but they owe it to the costumers to step it up!

  • Nothing is different

    Apple is still using the same terrible layout just making the actual phone size larger. Apple phones are just getting worse each time a new version comes out. They can't seem to make updates that can impress people. In my opinion they need to step up their game if they want to even compete with Androids such as the HTC One.

  • No Change At All

    Apples iPhones look exactly the same and they are copying samsungs idea. All they keep doing is making a slightly faster device. It is in every single device. They need more original ideas. I getting sick and tired when i get a new apple notification and it reminds me of their last model.

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