Is Apple refusing to update its Snow Leopard Operating System in order to force users to buy new products?

  • A distrustful company

    Apple's association with hipness, coolness, and youth culture has always been a smokescreen for a company that has always targeted consumers who are willing to spend any amount of money just to seem like they're on top of a trend. And they'll do anything to make a profit, including the worst for their consumers.

  • Yes they are.

    Whenever apple does something like this, it is obviously for a profit. I know people loved Steve Jobs, but realistically he was a penny pincher who underpaid his employees and charged way too much for an inferior product. So of course apple is going to continue this annoying and pointless tradition.

  • Yes, Apple purposefully refuses to update systems to make people buy newer products.

    I think that Apple purposefully doesn't update some of their technology in a bid to make their customer base buy a new model or system. I think that this tactic has been used by Apple for the past decade. But I also think that a lot of their customers have gotten sick of it.

  • No, I don't think Apple is refusing to update it's Snow Leopard Operating System in order to force users to buy new products.

    I think Apple refuses to update the Snow Leopard Operating System anyone because it has been patched to the maximum the developers wish to patch it to and it has outlived the time frame that they had promised updates to it, all companies eventually stop updating older versions of software and focus more resources on their newer software.

  • Older products are a waste of money to upgrade

    Businesses exist to make money. They constantly develop and roll out new products in order to sell them and profit. Some products might be used longer by consumers than they generate substantial profits for a company, so there comes a point that supporting them is actually a drain on a company's resources.

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