• Apple is not responsive enough, when it comes to their new products.

    As consumers we put a lot of money into the products we purchase. We have come to expect a certain level of customer support. Apple seems to be falling short of our expectations. New products can come with new and unexpected issues. Apple should be set-up to quickly deal with any and all new issues, however they are not always prepared. With newer and greater devices coming out all the time, any unsatisfied people will just move on. This is setting them up for loss of business in the future.

  • Apple seems to be responsive when it comes to issues with their products.

    I believe that Apple usually responds to reports of issues concerning their products in a timely manner. Whenever an issue has been raised in the past few years concerning one of their line of products, I can recall the Apple company reaching out to consumers with a resolution fairly quickly. Their response time has always seemed appropriate.

  • Yes, Apple is responsive to problems with new products.

    Yes, Apple is responsive to problems with new products. Although they may not respond the way some people would prefer, as a business they must respond or their products will lose popularity. Apple, as well as any large business, will respond to consumer concerns when their bottom line is effected.

  • No, they aren't

    Apple are not very responsive to problems occurring with its new products. Bending iPhones were met with denial and dismissal of owners due to Apple not accepting that there was a problem. If there is a problem with other manufacturers then they issue recalls and exchanges of the affected products.

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