• Yes, Apple is still making life-changing products.

    Apple is still making cutting-edge, innovative products that are changing lives. Apple's large profits are being reinvested into the company to develop the next generation of Apple products. These products have a high likelihood of being life-changing as well. Apple is one of the most well-respected tech companies in the world, because of its brilliant innovations.

  • Yes, Apple is still making life-changing products.

    Yes, Apple is still making life-changing products. While they greatly increased the price of headphones, it does not mean their products are no longer state-of-the-art. iPhones have revolutionized the way people communicate and will continue to do so for as long as the consumer buys them. There is no sign of them slowing down.

  • No they have not.

    While yes their products are quite well developed there has never been a change that would make someone think "life chaniging". The Apple Watch was a total flop and the latest product they have created the "IPhone 7" is just another hardware update. Then the new Laptop they are making has nothing to add other than a gimmicky second screen.

  • No, they are just making upgrades

    There's nothing that Apple is putting out these days that is really groundbreaking. They are tweaking already-existing products, such as the iPhone, or simply putting a new twist on old tech, as seen with the Apple Watch. The company is simply putting out lots of iterations of products so that customers will feel the need to "keep up."

  • Apple is not making life changing products

    Apple is not making life changing products, and has not for some time. The iPhone and iPod were undoubtedly life changing, but these were years ago. Recently, their products are mostly an improvement on an older version. This includes this year, which includes the iPhone 7, which is an upgrade from the previous version.

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