Is Apple's iPhone better than the Android phones?

  • My personal opinion

    Having used both iPhones and smashing phones in the past, I find iPhones are easier to use (this could be because an iPhone was my first phone) however, I felt much more relaxed when holding a Samsung phone out on the streets as It is a cheap phone, And I am only currently 13. When people say that iPhones are overpriced, I feel that is untrue because though many android phons are cheap, They lack the functions more recent iPhones have. However, If you pay a premium price for a newer high end android phone, Both the price and quality will rival a iPhone.

  • IPhones are simple to use

    IPhones are much more simpler to use than an android. Android users argue that you get to customize your phone. But I don't want to add complex features to my Samsung, I just need a phone that can run Facebook, Not a phone that has some gizmo I won't use. Plus, Android is hard to disable features, Unlike the iPhone. IPhones are just simpler to use.

  • IPhone's are super fast.

    Undoubtedly, Speed is the utmost priority for cell phone users and iPhone is the fastest phone presently. Sharing my personal experience, It was quite hesitating for me and it took years to switch from android to iPhone but after using iPhone I've decide to use it for the rest of my life. It's true that iPhone is not much user friendly and it restricts you in downloading and data sharing but in fact this is the secret which makes it the fastest and safest phone.

  • IPhone's are iconic.

    Looking back in history as we move into the future iPhone's are remembered, There's a story behind how the company went from a garage to San Fransisco. Apple has always sold more than just technology they've sold because it's socially more accepted and they look better. Apples moto has always been think different and no matter how small the difference is, It will always be there. (btw I have google pixel)

  • Apple is all for the name

    Apple is a cheap way of saying "I got a phone, And its really good" but in reality android is much better.

    Apple is over-all favorite but break it down and think about it. . . Apple made a phone with an EXTRA LENS but whether as android has three lens, THREE and that was about a year before apple even had good cameras. Now here we have a iphone WOW IT HAS A FACE CAMERA UNLOCK OMG, Buuuut android already has it LOL

  • Cheap doo-doo. Expensive as hell just for the brand name!

    The main thing I dislike about Apple's products is that they slow down older devices just to get you to purchase the most recent one. Then you have the endless versions that come out with shittier features. I've only had one Samsung phone before being unable to afford it and got a TracFone which I am much more content with.

  • IPhone - Outdated, Overpriced, And completely Underwhelming

    I was a massive Apple fan growing up and even throughout university I exclusively used Apple products. After switching to Android a few years back what more can I say. . . Apple is outdated and overpriced for the value they deliver. The only thing Apple likes to improve is the size of its pocket.

  • Can't get Grammarly or shmoop on iphone

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  • IPhones are overpriced

    IPhones aren't much easier to use and have almost the same power as other phones. The only difference is that IPhones are $600 more expensive than other phones. If you want a simple phone to do simple things there are quite cheap Trac phones that at least still have a normal charger and a headphone jack.

  • No IPhones are overpriced for less

    Iphones are much more expensive for the same phone just at lower quality, More expensive repairs, And no compatibility with anything non apple. The reason many people buy apple is because they are trapped into the ecosystem where everything is only compatible with apple and the consumers can't get out.

  • Arguments in pro of iPhones superiority are now outdated, Android phones have caught up technology wise

    While in the past iPhones have had better technology faster, We have to recognise that argument for what it is: outdated. Other brands (such as Samsung, Huawei; etc. . . ) are currently releasing state- of-the-art technology for the decimated price of Apple's iPhone. Where apple used to win with AI, Fingerprint sensors; etc. . . These are now common things that are integrated into any good android phone. In several cases the android phones actually have better technology than iPhones. Aside from this, IPhones are very constricting. Most people will just want the newest model, Leading to a giant group of people having the same phone, A blatant erasure of the individual. Especially since iPhone doesn't allow you to customise your phone besides changing the background. IPhone forces you to use its own music player, To have various useless apps taking up space (to motivate you to buy a bigger and more expensive model) and further employs capitalist methods to make people buy more Apple products (such as removing the headphone jack, Having an exclusive charger; etc. . . ) All of this for a brand name. . . And I haven't mentioned the huge prices Apple employs, To "bring you the best", While other brands prove that what Apple serves is certainly not the best, And that the prices are incredibly unfair. While at one point you could've justified buying an iPhone by naming its technological superiority, Nowadays it's better you make an educated decision and buy an android.

  • Androids give users more freedom.

    Apple phones are way too expensive and way too simple to use. Although the design looks good, I still don't understand why are people obsessed with iPhones. Apple literally pressures everyone to buy special chargers, Special headphones, Music etc. It's a waste of money in order to have an apple on the back. Plus, The iOS is kind of unadaptable while Android has a lot of options open for users. Why buy an ordinary iPhone for 1000 dollars just because it's cool and has cool marketing instead of buying a 4 times cheaper Android that could be such as good as iPhone (maybe even better)?

  • Androids can actually be really nice phones

    As everyone knows, Apple makes really nice phones. Although, Android can be equally as good. Take the Galaxy S9 for example. It's a great phone and has a iris scanner and a face scanner to unlock. Dose Apple have that? I don't think so. Another thing is that apple has HUGE prices. With Android, Prices can be very low and still have nice phones. As you can see, Apple is not better than Android.

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