• Water shortages are real

    We all need to watch our water usage. Even in places with plenty of water it's always better to play it safe. Drinking water should be a human right not a commodity. But to make that happen we all need to do our part. Blah words blah blah words blah.

  • Yes, as we continue to go deeper for water.

    Aquifer depletion is, indeed, a very serious issue. The U.S. Midwest has had drought conditions for the last 2 years. Farmers in many areas have been irrigating thousands of acres, trying to save as many of their crops as possible. The irrigation in the rural areas is causing the wells of homes in the adjacent areas to go dry. As the cycle continues, the aquifer level goes down.

  • Yes, I think aquifer depletion is a serious issue.

    I think aquifer depletion is a issue that is starting to become more and more of a problem in certain parts of the country, I think the Government should be dedicating as many resources as possible to figuring out ways to reverse the process and prevent it from meaningfully effecting the people who rely on them the most.

  • In Some Areas

    Aquifer depletion is a serious issue in some parts of the world. In the United States the aquifers of the Rockies range and those in the west are getting dangerously low from over use. Without water it is difficult for the massive populations to be supported by the land surrounding them.

  • We are running out

    The globe is quickly running out of it's most vital natural element, water. People do not realize the impact of long showers, watering the yard, and wasting water in other ways. If we are too have a sustainable future, people will need to care for their water usage and aquifers.

  • Yes, aquifer delpletion is a seriou issue.

    Yes, I think that the notion of aquifer depletion is a serious issue. I think that it is something that the world should seriously worry and plan for. The idea that our water supply can run out is something that would be disasterous for the planet Earth and the people.

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