Is architecture a valuable part of human culture and identity?

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  • Listen to this

    Life speeds by fast. We need to slow down. Architects design places that help us to slow down, look around and take in the view. And then, before we realize it, we’re no longer in the place but of it. Architects have the ability to design places that touch the soul

  • Architecture is a very important part of human culture and identity

    Architecture is culture and it is very important. Architecture represents mankinds aspirations and hopes. The greet wonders of the world are architectural. We revere the ancients for their achievements in architecture as much for their achievements in music, law, warfare, or science. The great tourist centers of the globe are generally speaking populated with great works of architecture.

  • Yes, where we live describes who we are

    Human beings in this day and age rarely live in naturally-occurring spaces like caves. We create our own living spaces, and the way we create them reflects who we are and what we value. To a trained eye, I'm sure our architecture says a lot about who we are as a people and our sense of beauty and what we value.

  • It reflects our time.

    Yes, architecture is a valuable part of human culture and identity, because they reflect what we believe at the time. Architecture shows us what society valued at the time. In a way it is period art. By studying it, we can study what people valued at the time, and what they thought was good art.

  • No, not modern architecture.

    No, I do not believe architecture today is a valuable part of human culture and identity. Today's architecture has become a contest where architects try to surpass one another by creating taller, more expensive buildings. Architecture during the time of the early Romans had identity. The coliseum has remained a valuable part of their culture. Architecture now has become "modern art".

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